Total Monster Best Friends Review

Totally Monster: Best Friends a Great Summer Read!

Total Monster Best Friends ReviewWhat happens when a former Disney Animator and Muppeteer turns author? You get beautifully drawn children books by Sue DiCicco! DiCicco has released her Totally Monster series with bright colors and fun characters. We were sent a copy of Totally Monster: Best Friends to review, and it’s a great read for early readers and small kids!

Totally Monsters: Best Friends is meant for kids ages 3 to 5 who are starting to meet new friends as they socialize in the world. Two monsters are best friends and do everything together! From playing games and more, while teaching kids what opposites are like happy and sad.

Totally Monster: Best FriendsLike many books for the age group, the pages are thicker board pages that children can easily turn. Inside the book are also pages that open up into larger spreads, and since turning and opening the flaps can be harder for little kids each flip has a notch cut out to make it easier to grab and open the pages.

Totally Monster: Best FriendsBesides the adorable illustrations, the book helps kid some developing dexterity by opening the pages. Totally Monster: Best Friends is a quick read for your little ones, and a great one to keep on hand for bed time stories or in your travel bag. It’s a fun read for them to share with their kids as they begin to learn that they’re not all the same and that opposites can be the best of friends.

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