Toss the Plastic Bags and Save Your Food with a Hug

farberware food huggers reivew

farberware food huggers reivewWhat do you do when a recipe needs half an onion or you know you’re not going to finish the fruit you cut into? If you’re like me you use what you need and toss the rest into a plastic zip top bag. But the truth is, I hate those bags. I suck at closing them, they don’t really work that well and you’re not using all of the space inside the bag and the air inside can make the food go bad quicker.

farberware food huggers reivewWe were sent some Food Huggers from Farberware, silicone food holders that fit snuggly over the cut edge of your food to keep them fresh longer. The Food Huggers come in four different sizes and actually stretch over the cut food creating an air tight seal. Not only are Food Huggers easy to use – just slide one and store your food how you would normally, but they’re also BPA free and dishwasher safe. The different sizes make them ideal to use on fresh fruit and vegetables, but also fit perfectly over jars and even cans of cat food.

farberware food huggers reivewFood Huggers have made my fridge cleaner without random bags everywhere, and have helped reduce the bags we use overall. While the flat base side is a set size, the edges are stretch-able and easy to fit over different fruits and vegetables. The Food Huggers are flexible enough to fit pretty much every cut produce item I have tried them with. And between different produce items, I just toss them in the dishwasher and store them until the next time I need them. I love not wasting plastic bags all the time, or even having a ton of them around the house, and Food Huggers are becoming a go to item in our kitchen.


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