Toscana Journal Review

Toscana Journal is Perfect for the Writer in Your Life

Toscana Journal ReviewI’m an avid note taker and doodler, and I always have a notebook handy. It may be part of being a writer, a creative mind, or just my way of trying to stay organized. But important things go in one notebook only – a journal and one I like to keep with me, so it doesn’t get misplaced like the smaller notepads I have around. I’ve always loved the look, smell and feel of leather journals but the cost usually is what stops me from purchasing them.

Toscana Journal ReviewKnowing my love for writing, Papyrus sent me one of their Toscana Black Leather Journal by Cavallini & Co to review. The small 5 x 7 inch journal not only has a beautiful black leather cover, but it overlaps and has leather strap to secure it closed. Inside are unbleached pages accented with a golden fleur de lis on the cover page.

Toscana Journal ReviewThe Toscana Journal holds a total of 257 pages, and once you get past the cover page the pages are all lined. This makes it the perfect place to pen your next story, poem or just jot your notes down as you go. When you first open the journal, the book and cover are a bit stiff and it will not want to stay open. While this may be a tad annoying at first, as you write in the journal the book will loosen up and the leather will relax after repeated use.

The small size of the Toscana journal makes it perfect to take with you in your purse, bag or to take traveling. You can keep your thoughts and memories with you in this beautiful journal, and for only $35, the Toscana is perfect for preserving memories for years to come.

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