Top Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

Top Unsolved Mysteries of All Time

Human history is filled with events that simply cannot be explained. Lost civilizations, unexplained disappearances and gruesome murders; every culture has their own tales. There are simply too many to list. But some mysteries are so intriguing that they transcend cultural differences and spark the interest of people from all across the globe. These are the most enduring mysteries of all time.

-The Top Unsolved Mysteries of All Time-


Nearly everyone has heard of the legendary lost island of Atlantis. The Greek scholar Plato first mentioned the island in his dialogues, written sometime in the fourth century B.C. Plato referred to Atlantis as a center of commerce and technology, stating that it existed some nine thousand years before his time. According to Plato, the Atlantean people angered the gods, who then destroyed the great island by sinking it beneath the sea in one day and one night. Many theories exist as to the location of the lost continent, placing it anywhere from Greece to the Bahamas. Others insist that there is no hard evidence that Atlantis ever existed at all, and that Plato merely made it up as a parable. Still, the idea of Atlantis continues to fascinate people even today.

Bermuda Triangle

With many strange disappearances, equipment malfunctions and odd sightings, the area between Florida, the Bahamas and Puerto Rico has long been a center of controversy. Over the years, many sea and air vessels have gone missing while traveling through the area, never to be heard from again. Even those who’ve braved the treacherous area and returned tell strange tales of equipment failure, seemingly due to magnetic interference. The question is, what’s causing the interference?

Shroud of Turin

Long reported to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ, the Shroud of Turin is one of history’s most enduring mysteries. The fourteen-foot long piece of linen bears a strikingly clear image of a man with injuries that are consistent with crucifixion, leading many to believe that it is the cloth used to wrap the body of Jesus Christ. Many scholars have attempted to explain the image on the shroud, with theories ranging from painting to chemical reactions to paranormal energy discharges. Though much research has been conducted and many recreations attempted, no satisfactory scientific explanation exists for the image on the shroud.

Jack the Ripper

During the fall of 1888, five women were brutally murdered by a terrifying killer who stalked the back alleys of London’s Whitechapel district. From August to November, the killer took five victims, all women, slitting their throats and cutting open their abdomens. At the time, the murderer was referred to as “The Whitechapel Murderer” but we know him today as Jack the Ripper. Jack’s reign of terror eventually ended with the gruesome murder of Mary Jane Kelly. Several suspects were detained and questioned, but all were eventually released for lack of evidence.


The prehistoric monuments known as Stonehenge have baffled researchers for centuries. Long-thought to be some sort of ancient ritual site, recent evidence suggests that Stonehenge may actually have served as a burial ground as early as 3000 B.C. Still, the stone blocks that make up the megalithic structure weigh many tons, leading researchers to question how ancient workers could have moved and lifted them. There have been many theories including everything from lost ancient technologies to extraterrestrial involvement.


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