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Wild Krattz Toy Review
Wild Kratts Toys Review
Ever since Goonie saw the Wild Kratts the first time on PBS he’s been hooked. He loves the show, and how it focuses on animals, their care, and biology. Chris is his favorite character, but Martin is the funny one (this is what I’ve been informed!) The Wild Kratts are a big part of his educational entertainment, so he was thrilled to see that Wicked Cool Toys sent us a few of their new toys to review.

Wild Kratts Toys Review

If your kids can’t get enough of the Wild Kratts they might love the Talking Chris doll! He’s an 11 inch plush doll that runs on three batteries (already included). Press his vest to activate him and he will say some of the phrase you know from the show!

But, being a car lover too – Goonie loved to see the Createrra Creature Rescue set that came too. The safari vehicle has doors that open and the wheels move smoothly on most surfaces. It even comes with an action figure of Chris or Martin to drive the vehicle. Covered with their logo and mud splatters, it’s obvious that the brother have been out in the field taking care of some animals, or learning about others.

Wild Kratts Toys Review

Probably Goonie was most excited about getting his own Creature Power Suit! It even comes two different discs he can insert and activate the suit! The Creature Power Suit comes with two discs, the suit which is adjustable with velcro straps so it’ll fit any age and will grow with your child and two different power discs. Now they can be just like the Kratts brothers!

The suit can be paired with any of the Animal Power sets – and each set comes with its own disc. The sets also include an animal figurine and one of the Kratts brothers activated in that animal power. Insert that disc in your power suit and you’re ready to activate that animal too!

All of the new Wild Kratts toys not only let Goonie get closer to his favorite show, but help him explore the animals he reads so much about. They’re a lot of fun for him, and we love that they help continue his love towards animals and learning more about them.

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