Top Tips To Keep Your Lawn Green

Top Tips To Keep Your Lawn Green

According to a survey conducted by Engine’s CARAVAN Omnibus on behalf of the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), 81% of Americans have lawns. If you are part of this demographic, you will undoubtedly agree that nothing is more satisfying than a consistently green lawn with no spots, dead patches, or thinning areas. Below are some tips you should know to keep your lawn green all year round.

  1. Water properly

Watering your lawn is undoubtedly key to its maintenance since water is necessary to its growth. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family uses more than half of their outdoor water to water lawns and gardens. However, it is vital to water well to keep your lawn green all year round. For starters, always water in the morning since it is the best time to do so. Early watering allows the soil to absorb all the water it needs, reducing the amount lost to evaporation. Also, lawns need sunshine for photosynthesis to occur, so it is better to water in the morning than at night when lawns can’t photosynthesize. Additionally, remember to conserve water and reduce runoff whether you are watering with an irrigation system, garden hose, or can.

  1. Mow at the right height

Many landscaping experts agree that mowing is almost as vital as proper watering when seeking to keep your lawn green. Consequently, raise your mower cutting height during summer to keep the soil cool, lower evaporation, and keep your lawns green. Also, mowing at the right height requires never letting your grass grow too long since this will necessitate lowering your mower deck when making multiple passes. Furthermore, it would be best to leave the grass clippings on your lawn so they can give the soil essential nutrients and moisture as they decompose. Finally, it would help if you had a great mower to keep your lawn lush in the first place. Therefore, this mower repair shop is worth visiting to fix your lawn care equipment and maintain it when necessary.

  1. Keep your lawn clear of litter

Litter on your lawn can cause severe dead patches that rob it of uniform greenness. This is because anything on your grass deprives the plant directly below it of light, air, and water and can squash the grass blades. As such, it is vital to keep your lawn litter-free to keep it lush all year round. You can simply pick up any rubbish, furniture, toys, and other items on your grass to prevent them from staying there too long. Additionally, occasionally move any items you intend to keep in your yard, so nothing stays at one place for extended periods. Finally, clean up after your pets since their waste can also cause dead patches if it remains on your grass.

  1. Keep off the grass

Many people with lawns enjoy hosting parties, relaxing, or running around on them all summer long. However, too much foot traffic can cause bare or thin spots in your lawn, making it patchy and less green. Therefore, be alert to the stress you put on your lawn when enjoying it to keep it as green as possible. Also, stay off your grass as much as possible and invest in a sign instructing others to do the same.

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