Top 7 Smart Devices You Need to Improve Your Life

Top 7 Smart Devices You Need to Improve Your Life

Today, smart gadgets are taking over the world. You can turn on a smart kettle while being at work or search for the newest slots on your PC remotely. However, developers have gone further and released these 7 gadgets helping not only you but also your pets and family members. 

Tracker Tags

Have you ever tried to find your keys when you were late for work, while they were lying quietly in your pocket? If so, you just need a tracker tag. This small keychain can be attached to keys, passport cover, purse, or suitcase. That way you’ll always know where things are by the beep. The tag connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, with a range of up to 120 meters. But even if it’s out of range, you’ll be able to find it by geo-tagging it in the app. 

Smart Lock

With a smart lock, you can easily hide important documents or a personal diary from prying eyes. With a small padlock, you can lock a desk drawer, a casket, a mailbox, a secret room at Hogwarts, and they will reveal their secrets only to you. The thing is that the gadget has a built-in fingerprint scanner, so you can be sure that no one else will open the lock. Unless you give it to them yourself. It’s convenient, for example, in the office, if several people should have access to confidential documents. 

Sleep Tracker

While you sleep, it works. A tiny weighted device attaches to a corner of your pillowcase and monitors your sleep. The gadget tracks your sleep movements, breathing rhythm, and gathers information about sleep phases and duration based on this. All this you can see in the morning in an app on your smartphone. Besides, it can sing lullabies and work as an alarm clock. In the evening Sleep Dot will lull you with specially selected music, and in the morning it will wake you up at the most suitable phase within the right time interval. You won’t oversleep, and you won’t get up with a heavy head, as it happens with conventional alarm clocks. And the app will not only show you the statistics, but also give you recommendations on how to improve the quality of your sleep.

Portable Coffee Machine

During work you sometimes need to take a coffee break. But sometimes there is no time to get up from the table. In this case, they came up with a portable coffee machine. This gadget will even fit in your backpack’s bottle pocket, but still be able to make you a great cup of espresso. It’s all battery powered and auto-heating, so you don’t even need to put the kettle on. Just fill the reservoir with water beforehand. 

Smart Pen and Notepad

Imagine you got inspired, grabbed the first sketchbook you saw and drew a great sketch. And now you wonder how to digitize it without loss of quality. Such a question would not arise if you grabbed a smart pen and notepad. This unusual gadget was created for writers, poets, and artists. It will come in handy for businessmen as well, because at the meeting it is not always convenient to create notes on your smartphone. Everything you write or draw with a smart pen in a special notebook will be displayed in the app. 

Pet Tracker with GPS

Even if you’re a responsible pet owner, anything can happen: your pet might freak out at the noise and run away from its leash or slip out of its loosely closed kennel. To find your pet as quickly as possible, use the tracker. It attaches to the collar or harness and transmits its GPS and GLONASS coordinates. What’s more, its built-in speaker lets you hear what’s going on around your pet, and its microphone lets you talk to it and try to calm it down or call it to you. In the dark, use the built-in backlight, so you’ll be able to see your pet that’s crouched under the car or hidden in the bushes. And if someone else finds it, he can press the SOS button and contact you.

Smart Pet Feeder and Drinker

If you’re often away on business trips or working late into the night, make sure your pet is always well fed and not thirsty. A smart feeder puts food in the bowl on a schedule. Or you can dispense food yourself through the app from anywhere. By pressing the microphone button on the feeder, you can record the phrase you would normally call your pet to eat. 


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