Top 5 Landline Phone Services in the U.S.

Landlines have been around for a long time now, but the recent developments in the mobile industry have put the wired telephones under a “re-evaluation”. If you have been questioning whether or not to get a landline phone for your home and which one, then this guide will help you figure out the best landline providers in your area that have a huge following in the U.S. market. Let’s start with the why get a landline and end with which options to consider. Read on.

Why Invest in a Landline Home Phone?

With more people cutting their cords and purchasing new smartphones, the need to keep a landline seems futile. This post argues otherwise. The following points will show you just how important this device is today as it was 143 years ago. With a landline home phone, you get: 

  1. Superior Voice Quality – No distortion in audio transmission. Your cross-country friend’s voice will sound crystal-clear on the phone as if they are sitting right next to you. Talk for as long as you want, and the voice quality will not break up.
  2. Greater Affordability – Make unlimited nationwide calls at the most flexible rates with a landline. For instance, Spectrum voice costs only $9 per month when bundled, which is quite convenient and well within an average consumer’s budget.
  3. Smart Home Integration – Connect your landline with smart home devices, such as an outdoor motion sensor, an anti-burglar alarm, or even your Amazon Echo, allowing Alexa to make phone calls from the landline on your command.
  4. Faster 911 Response – Receive instant help in case of emergency without losing precious seconds. Your landline has your exact address and can summon the authorities automatically upon dialing. Some providers also add the E911 service as a built-in feature in their plans.
  5. Unbreakable Signal Reception – Enjoy consistent coverage even in areas of high interference. A landline’s copper infrastructure and hardwired nature enable it to deliver a 100% signal reception without any chance of a call drop.

Which Features to Look Out for In a Home Phone Service?

If you’ve finally decided to purchase a home phone service, then the next step is to figure out the factors and the features which differentiate one provider from the other. The following points will help you make a good comparison: 

  1. Plan Offerings – An ideal phone service provider offers diverse calling plans for multiple usages at prices that are lucrative for every type of consumer.
  2. Possible Promotions – An ideal phone service provider delivers tantalizing discounts and promotions to new customers while seeing their promises through to the end.
  3. Contract Commitments – An ideal phone service provider has clear terms and conditions when it comes to the service commitment, and mentions the length, price guarantee, and ETF charges (if any) concisely.
  4. Customer Support – An ideal phone service provider has excellent customer service and support platform, with many ways of contacting the representatives 24/7 for any issue.
  5. Extra Fees – An ideal phone service provider maintains pricing transparency, i.e. clearly states the add-on fees, including installation, activation, equipment rental, taxes, and pay-per-call international rates, etc.

What are the Best Landline Home Phone Service Providers in the U.S.?

Here are the top landline service providers that you might come across in your area during your search:

  1. Charter Spectrum™ – One of the top cable companies in the market, Spectrum provides a remarkable phone service that is a mixture of both the traditional and the digital forms of voice communication. There are no contract commitments, and you can enjoy unlimited local + long-distance calling in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands for a low rate, and with up to 28 calling features, including Block Caller ID, etc.
  2. Xfinity by Comcast – This industry giant needs no introduction. Xfinity offers standalone phone plans, in addition to bundles, for people who don’t want to order the internet or TV just yet. With Xfinity phone, you can chat across the U.S., while calling to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, India, South Korea, Singapore, China, and Hong Kong with absolute freedom, and with the support of 12+ calling features. You don’t have to worry about contracts, and there is even a one-year pricing guarantee to ease your mind. 
  3. Frontier Communications – Frontier’s digital phone service stands out for its 20+ custom calling features that make your experience better than ever. You also have the choice to get an unlimited calling plan for non-stop dialing across the U.S., and to Canada & Mexico, or go for the ‘per minute’ plan to personalize your calls according to your usage pattern. Either way, you’ll have to deal with affordable charges only.
  4. CenturyLink – This DSL provider is best known for its Price for Life guarantee and proactive dedication towards customer satisfaction. With CenturyLink phone, you can make unlimited local calls without worrying about per-minute charges or dropped calls. There is a set of popular calling features available too, including 3-Way Calling, Caller ID and Call Forwarding, etc. should you wish to take your experience to the next level. The call quality is crystal-clear, as well.
  5. Verizon Fios – For people living in areas with fiber access, Verizon is a great option. This provider offers 20+ calling features with Locate Me and Calendar Synchronization. You can get unlimited nationwide calling plans too, but you’ll have to bundle with Verizon internet & TV since there are no standalone phone plans available.

Wrapping Up

This post shows you why landline phones continue to be relevant in the digital age, which factors you need to keep in mind while searching for a landline service provider, and the best provider options in the whole of America. Using these tips, you can get the perfect phone service for your home with incredible value-added benefits.

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