Tips for Taking Young Kids to Kings Island

Top 4 Rides for Big Kids and Little Kids at Kings Island

Tips for Taking Young Kids to Kings Island

What are the fun things you like to do with your family? For us it’s week long camping trips and stops at amusement parks whenever possible! With self-proclaimed roller coaster junkies in my house (my oldest, LK and my husband) and littles who think they want to be roller coaster junkies (at least one of them would be if he was tall enough) a day trip here and there is a must.

This summer we took a short trip down to Mason, OH and had the chance to check out Kings Island Amusement Park. There was so much to see and do and since this was the first “big” park for the littles, it was an amazing day. They were in awe and even upset at many moments they (PK) could not go on the big rides. After a day of thrills and chills, here are the top big and little kid rides in the park, according to us. My final thoughts are at the end.

Top 4 “Big” Kid Rides

Invertigo: Invertigo is the only face to face roller coaster is the Midwest and is quite a unique set-up. You can reach speeds in the 50 Mph range! This coaster is cool as you first invert in a forward direction and then you change and do the same inversions backwards. It’s like two rides in one. LK: I liked all the twists and loops and that you get to do the ride forward and backwards.

Banshee: Banshee is the world’s longest steel inverted coaster and walking up to the gates you can tell. A mean looking Banshee welcomes you as you move toward the ride. Just looking at the ride made my stomach drop as the ride has multiple inverts (7 to be exact!) and rushes you to speeds in the high 60 Mph range, faster than some cars drive on the freeway. LK liked that is was a long ride (and it did feel like a long ride) and the speed she was pushed too.

Diamond Back: Diamond back was a striking coaster from the minute we saw it a top the Eiffel Tower. It was a must ride coaster. The most striking part of the ride: the seats! The seats were unlike anything we had seen before and admittingly made both my riders nervous but, it also made the ride! This is a long ride and the seats give you a different perspective that would be lost otherwise. The coaster reaches speeds of 80 Mph and takes you high in the air with the first hill, just to drop you back down. The coaster looks like the diamond back snake so you can imagine the thrill. The splashdown effect was a cool finishing touch.

Viking Fury: Just like you see at other parks but with a huge twist….this ship arcs larger and higher than any other one we have been on and that made it exciting. The ride was fun for everyone and lasted what seemed like forever.

Top 4 “Little” Kid Rides

Woodstock Express: The Woodstock Express is a fun little wooden roller coaster that is a great started coaster for kids of all ages. You go up a nice hill and are dropped down and twisted all around. The littles loved it so much they ran to the beginning again. The ride was a good length and does not go to fast but fast enough to spark that roller coaster junkie bug.

Kite Eating Tree: Most of the family liked this one (you can see the video on my Instagram @beketelsen). IT was a straight ride to the top and then gentle drops down and then up again. It was a lot of fun especially watching the kite try and stay away from the tree.

Snoopy vs. Red Baron: This is a nice independent ride for the younger kids. They can ride single or two to a plane and they are in control. The pilot gets to decides how high the plan flies and it goes around and around, up and down, chasing the other planes.

Snoopy’s Barnyard Friends: Like the name says, it’s all the barnyard friends you can have, a petting zoo for everyone. I know, this is not a ride exactly but it was worth mentioning. While there you have the option to feed the animals or simply pet them and watch them go. This little farm had the fluffiest bunnies we have ever seen and they were so soft. There were even Llamas!

Our day at Kings Island was quick and exciting. We did not get to ride all the rides we had hoped too (or this list might be a bit different) but we all had fun. The best part of Kings Island to me was that your ticket price includes the rides and the waterpark, no separate prices. Since we went on a day that was about 100 degrees the waterpark was a refreshing welcome for the later part of the day. We definitely enjoyed our time there and look forward to a future return to hit the rides we missed. To make the most of our time we had to split up and conquer but I look forward to the day we can all go the same way the same time.

Check out the Kings Island website to see more and learn about passes to make a day (or two) trip of your own.

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