Top 10 Cheap Motorcycle Upgrades

Top 10 Cheap Motorcycle Upgrades

Every motorcycle rider has the ambition of owning their dream bike someday. The thought of just taking it home can be a thrilling experience. There is a sacred bond that exists between man and machine, perhaps none as strong as a rider and his/her motorcycle. 

Some of you may realize this dream quicker than others and ride off on epic journeys with your prized purchase guiding you firmly along the way. Unfortunately, many of you will have to wait until you have the necessary funds available. This can take a long time. Too long!

However, just because you can’t have the motorcycle of your dreams today, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a motorcycle that you love. There are many features of your ideal bike that can be installed on your current machine. 

Stock bikes may tick all of the boxes for you, but they often lack a unique touch. Everyone wants to put a personal stamp on their things, so why not take that approach to your bike? 

Motorcycle upgrades and modifications are the perfect way for you to create the ride that you want. This can mean installing performance upgrades to create a custom feel, aesthetic modifications to give your bike a badass look, or practical upgrades for safety reasons. 

Whatever your reasons are for upgrading, enhancements can come with a hefty price tag. Although your dream mods might be out of your price range, there are some slick options available that are modest in price. 

Here are ten awesome upgrades that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. 

Engine guard

An engine guard is a highly practical upgrade that’s relatively cheap. It can also save you thousands of dollars in potential damage repairs if an accidental drop occurs. This is the type of accessory that you hope to never use, but if it is called into action, you’ll be damn glad to have one.


Motorcycle windscreens divide opinion when it comes to aesthetics. Some riders can’t live without them, while others downright hate them. 

However, when it comes to performance, there are some factors to consider. 

If you ride a lot and tend to cover routes of all kinds, a windscreen might be a fantastic cheap upgrade. They can increase fuel efficiency by diverting wind over and around the rider’s body. They also act as a protective visor from harsh weather conditions, insects, and debris. 

Hand levers

Aftermarket hand levers are popular modifications. Although the costs vary, they don’t have to be extortionately priced. Certain styles, like short hand levers, give off a distinct look and appeal to a lot of riders. 

Whether you’re seeking replacement levers for looks or performance, there are plenty of cheap but well-designed options out there. 

Frame sliders

Frame sliders are a key protective upgrade that will give you added security in case of a crash or fall. Naked style bikes may be particularly vulnerable to damage if frame sliders aren’t installed. Damage to the frame, fuel tank, or the engine casings of your bike can be expensive fixes, making frame sliders a worthwhile upgrade.

Tank sliders

The thought of a punctured gas tank ought to send shivers down your spine. It could potentially set fire to you and your motorcycle. Tank sliders are carefully designed to protect the areas of your tank most susceptible to damage. 

Visually speaking, carbon fiber sliders look tremendous, and the carbon protection provides excellent shielding.

Bar-end mirrors

Bar-end mirrors are a more streamlined alternative to stock mirrors. They create a narrower frame, and so they are practical installs for those who are constantly weaving in and out of traffic. 

Most riders prefer the look of bar-end mirrors, although many modern bikes now come with sleekly designed mirrors as standard. 

It’s important to note that bar-end mirrors are generally smaller than stock mirrors so you may have reduced visibility.

Motion alarm

Your motorcycle is a valuable piece of machinery and might be a target for thieves. Although you may have a quality bike lock, for the relatively low cost of a motion alarm, it is absolutely worth having. 

Think of it as a security upgrade and added protection against theft. 


This goes hand in hand with the above upgrade. An engine disabling module is a discrete and valuable piece of protective technology. If your bike lock and alarm fail you, it’s essential to have an immobilizer as your last line of defense. 

Immobilizers work using a transponder chip in your key fob. The engine will only start if the code transmitted from the key fob matches the code in the immobilizer. It is a revolutionary anti-theft technology.

Again, these are relatively cheap and can provide you with peace of mind when you lock away your bike.

Rim tape

Rim tape is an often overlooked motorcycle accessory due to its simplicity. However, it has several benefits. The main advantage is that it increases the visibility of a bike. The bright colors around the rims draw your eye, making the bike more noticeable. Many motorcycle accidents occur when drivers claim they “didn’t see” the motorcyclist until split seconds before the collision. Thus, rim tape has a safety benefit.

It also gives a subtle custom effect to the overall color scheme of the vehicle. It can complement the paint job of a bike as it comes in a range of colors.

Motorcycle stand

A motorcycle stand, although not necessary, can make your life a hell of a lot easier as a bike owner. 

First of all, it makes storing the vehicle easy and safe. There is no danger of the bike tipping over if it’s securely stationed in its stand. It also protects the tires while the bike isn’t in use.

Secondly, it makes certain maintenance tasks more straightforward. Access to the wheels and tires is seamless, as the bike can be elevated off the ground. Chain upkeep and maintenance can be done easily when the bike is raised. When upright, the bike is ideally positioned for cleaning and waxing.

Thirdly, mounting your motorcycle on a stand is a great way to show off your pride and joy to friends and family.


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