TonieBox Perfectly Joins Technology and Toys

Tonies Box Review

From a very young age, kids love music. There’s nothing surprising about that. From their lullabies to the songs and jingles on their favorite shows – there’s a lot of different ways they’re exposed to music. But most of the items we have that are for playing music are for adults or older kids who can control it themselves. So how you get a musical toy that your kids can control and that wont absolutely drive you nuts?

Tonies Box Review

Much like the plastic record players of our childhood, Tonies are a kid controlled music system – but they blend technology and toys to make it perfect for kids of the next generation. Tonies is a soft neoprene covered speaker system that is controlled and set up with an app and controlled by kids. Ts a new and innovative audio player for kids, great for bedtime stories or as a kids’ music box. It’s screen-free and so easy to use that even the youngest can operate it.

Your Tonies starter kit comes with the speaker system, a Creative Tonie that you can record your own stories with or music, Action Puppy and four other tonies characters. Each of the characters are hand painted and contain stories and song from many of your favorite movies and shows – and ones your kids will love too. Each character is preloaded with 45 minutes of stories, music or educational material that is perfect for kids to enjoy and control on their own.

Tonies Box Review

How easy is it for small hands to use the Toniebox? All they have to do is place the character on the top of the box and it will connect and start telling them a story or playing music. It’s extremely easy to keep the character on top since they are magnetically connected. The music or story stops once the character disconnects and picks up in the same spot again without hesitation.

The soft sided speaker box is easy for kids to carry and soft enough to cuddle. It can be used for a fun story time activity or music time for kids to enjoy. With characters sculpted in fine detail – they are worthy to display on shelves long after they outgrow the Tonies Box – which wont be for years.


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