Tolkien Gives You a Look at the Man Behind the Stories We Love

Tolkien Movie Review
Nicholas Hoult in the film TOLKIEN. Photo by David Appleby. © 2019 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation All Rights Reserved

The name of JRR Tolkien is one that fantasy lovers know very well. He’s not only the author of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings series, but many fans don’t know much about his life before he became a famous author or the moments in his life that started him on his writing journey.

From being orphaned with a younger brother and brought to be a ward, to his lifelong friendships he makes with a small group of friends he meets at his primary school and keeps through college. You watch him fall in love and figure out who he is in the midst of it all. And you see him go to fight in the first World War where a lot of his source material is found.

The movie flips back and forth from his formative years to him thinking back to his younger years. You see where he was inspired by his mother’s storytelling as a kid and some of the influences that fans may see from his later works. While we’re not sure just how many artistic licenses the movie takes, the story is well done and is a great tribute to one of the literary geniuses in recent history. It’s a movie that fans are going to want to watch and enjoy.

Tolkien hits theaters on May 10th.

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About Tolkien

TOLKIEN explores the formative years of the renowned author’s life as he finds friendship, courage and inspiration among a fellow group of writers and artists at school. Their brotherhood strengthens as they grow up and weather love and loss together, including Tolkien’s tumultuous courtship of his beloved Edith Bratt, until the outbreak of the First World War which threatens to tear their fellowship apart. All of these experiences would later inspire Tolkien to write his famous Middle-earth novels



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