To Misquote Scarlett O’Hara…

1950's housewife
1950's housewife
“As God is my witness, I’ll never pay retail again! “
I know, I know – I’ve butchered a favorite movie quote. It’s a cinematic classic, one that I personally love. I don’t recall if it’s actually in the book or not – I believe my copy is still dogeared at page 880 and shoved on the shelf with indifference. But I digress…

Instead of standing in a field proclaiming to the sky that I will not go hungry, I stand with a fist full of coupons in the grocery store fighting back against retail prices.

With the power of couponing, sampling (from facebook and other offers), product reviews, and hosting brand parties I have been able keep our fridge full and house stocked. There is definitely something to this lifestyle – and we can easily get use to living it.

In recent days I’ve found myself appalled at the prices I see – I have to hold back gasping as I see someone hand over a pile of money for something I would only pay pocket change for. Even last week I was behind an elderly woman at Walgreens – she had a few items in her cart. I watched her check out, and hand the cashier over $96 for something I wouldn’t pay near $5.00 for out of pocket.

We live in hard times – money is tight. Go take those coupons out, raise them to the sky and be proud you’re saving your money. Why pay retail if you don’t have to? Walk out of the store with your free items, things you pay over 70% off retail and proclaim loudly to the world that you will NEVER pay retail again!


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