Tips To Create More Space In Your Home

Tips To Create More Space In Your Home

With more and more of us working from home, many homeowners are looking for innovative ways to create additional space. In this guide, we’ll explore some effective solutions to maximize living space. 

Decluttering and storage

If you find yourself running out of space because you have too much stuff, the first step to take is to organize a clear-out. Many of us are guilty of hanging onto things for too long and we buy and keep items that we don’t really need or even want. Decluttering is a very simple means of freeing up space and it can also be hugely cathartic. Clear each room, going through boxes, storage tubs and drawers and deciding what you want to keep and what you’d like to donate, throw away or sell. If you have clothing, books, electrical appliances, toys or home accessories that are in good condition, it’s worth thinking about either listing them online, organizing a yard sale or donating them to a good cause. If you’re still swamped by stuff after your decluttering mission, you can invest in additional storage or get some quotes to hire a storage unit. 

Adding an extension

If you’re desperate to stay in your home, but a lack of space has become a major issue, adding an extension could provide a solution. Most people extend at the back, but you might also be able to consider an extension at the side of the property depending on the plot. Get some quotes from building firms, discuss plans in detail, get inspiration from other projects and design shows and magazines and take your time to make a decision. You may need to undertake work before you can extend, such as land clearing and landscaping. You’ll need to factor this in when setting a budget for the project. Extensions are brilliant for adding extra living space downstairs and creating more bedrooms or an office or a den for kids upstairs. 

Converting an attic or basement

Many families find that they run out of space, usually because their requirements change over time or they welcome new additions. If you have a basement or an attic that could be converted, it’s beneficial to explore this option. Attics make excellent bedrooms and workspaces while basements are ideal for home gyms, offices, playrooms and large kitchen-diners. With any renovation project, it’s wise to figure out your finances, establish a budget and then undertake research to find a reputable firm to take on the job. 

Garden room

Garden rooms are an increasingly popular addition to family homes. If you’re working from home or you’re thinking about setting up a business, a garden room is a fantastic idea. Garden rooms can be used for offices and studios, social spaces or home gyms. The beauty of a garden room is that it will enhance the value of your home while also solving the problem of running out of space inside the house. You can free up valuable living space and enjoy a peaceful, tranquil new room away from the hustle and bustle of family life. 

Have you run out of space at home? If so, there are solutions to consider. From decluttering and investing in extra storage and adding an extension to converting a loft or adding a garden room, it’s worth weighing up all the options on the table.

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