Tips to Becoming a Better Gardener

Tips to Becoming a Better Gardener

There are some people whose “green thumb” seems to come naturally. There is an old saying that some people could put a dead twig in the ground and it would grow, and for some, this seems to be the case. However, for most of us, the gardening experience is a matter of trial and error, hard work, and a lot of research.

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If you have never gardened before, you may very well have failures in your first attempts. Most gardeners continue to have less than perfect results from certain attempts even after years and years of growing. Unfortunately, sometimes the only way to determine whether or not you want, or can, plant something, is to try it out.

Check out the area where you are planting your garden. The soil itself is the key. Know what kind of soil you have, what it may need in the way of nutrients, and how well it drains or retains moisture. If you have the proper soil mixture, you are already on the way to a productive garden. Have your soil analyzed for acidity and know how to alter the composition. This may take some research, but it will be worth the effort.

Know what to plant in your area and when. Plants that are recommended in your growing zone are suggested for a reason, and many times it is pointless to try and defy nature. When you plant will change from season to season, depending on when the soil warms, and how early spring comes, but a seasoned gardener will adapt and eventually be able to judge the proper planting times.

Know what the nutrient requirements are for each of your vegetable or flower plants. Also, learn how much water they require, and the amount of sun they need on a daily basis. By putting the plants in their preferred locations from the beginning, you can save yourself a lot of frustration later on.

Dedicate a part of each week to tending your garden. You will be surprised how little time it takes to maintain the garden if you do not let it get ahead of you. A couple of weeks of neglect, however, can result in a lot more work. Make it a point to check out the water needs, possible insect problems, and progress of your plants on a daily basis.

Becoming a better gardener, is mainly a matter of becoming a more conscientious gardener, and this is something that we can all work on.


  1. Soil is definitely key! Use compost and check the acidity when planting specific things like flowers or vegetables to eat


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