Tips To Add Entertainment To Your Wedding

Tips To Add Entertainment To Your Wedding

A wedding an opportunity to treat you, and your guests to a day that you’ll forever remember. What makes this even better though, is by having the right entertainment. Entertainment can keep guests busy whilst you’re having your photos taken to when you’re trying to mingle with everyone who has attended your wedding. Here are some tips to add entertainment to your wedding.

Go Old-School With Sports Day Activities

If you’re someone who loved sports day as a child, then you might want to bring back some old sports day activities. There’s nothing funnier than doing an egg and spoon race in your wedding attire, right? There are plenty of different activities that you can have placed around the venue, depending on how big your venue may be. For example, you do have, which might be a great place to find some of those outdoor games. When it comes to your sports day activities, make sure that they’re easy enough to do and that there’s nothing that’s going to cause too much raucous and that won’t injure anyone either.

If you’re stuck for ideas, then there are plenty available online, one being Pinterest for all sources of inspiration.

Get A Photo Booth

A photo booth is an excellent opportunity to give your guests the opportunity to have fun and to capture a lot of memories over the course of the day. Photobooths come in different forms, so you might want to put one in a campervan or have a simple backdrop setup with costume items. Whatever you fancy, it’s worth having a photo booth so that you can take full advantage of getting plenty of photos of your loved ones. Photos are important, and you’re not necessarily going to see everyone all the time throughout the day.

Find An Interactive Band

When it comes to the band, you want someone who is going to keep everyone moving and on their feet. However, you also want a band that is going to be interactive and shouting out to your guests every so often to make their evening even more fantastic. Be sure to do your research when looking for a band and to pick one that’s going to make your day even more memorable. Be sure to look for bands where you can watch their performances, just to give you an idea of what they’re like.

Hire Audience Entertainers

There are additional entertainers that you might wish to hire for the day. Magicians and street performers are all frequently used at weddings to add something extra to the day. With that being said, make sure that you’re making the most out of your day by having an audience entertainer there if needed. It can be good to keep everyone entertained again whilst you’re doing other things as a newlywed couple!

Adding some entertainment to your wedding is a must, and it’s important to find the things that you and your guests will love. From photo booths to the band, get it all!

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