Tips For Throwing A Party That Doesn't Suck

Tips For Throwing A Party That Doesn’t Suck

Your party could be the social highlight of the season. There could be people knocking at your door, begging to be let in. It could be the event that people will be enthusing about for weeks after. 

But then again…it could be a complete disaster!

Rather than raving about your amazing party, the only comments on social media could be negative ones, and the next time you decide to throw a party, there may be less people keen to take you up on your invite. 

So, let’s hope and pray that your party is more the former than the latter. Here are some tips for throwing a party that doesn’t suck!

#1: Invite the right mix of people

Don’t invite every Tom, Dick, or Harriet to your party. Be selective, and invite those people that you think might gel well together. This way, the conversations will flow, laughter will be commonplace, and people won’t end up leaving early because they feel isolated or awkward around others.

#2: Think of a theme

When you think of a theme, you will be able to plan your party around it. You will then have more ideas for the other points on this list. So, be creative with your planning and do something that will make your party stand out from all of the others on your social calendar. Check out a few of our party theme ideas if you need a little bit of inspiration. 

#3: Don’t get the food wrong

It can be very easy to get the food wrong, especially if you don’t take people’s personal tastes into consideration. So, be sure to check with your guests on any food intolerances they might have, be they medical or otherwise, and then serve up dishes that they aren’t going to back away from. And be creative with your foods too. Rather than provide a plain old buffet that is as limp looking as the sandwiches you might serve up, provide something a little more exciting. So, going back to the link in the last point, if you were to have a Mexican Fiesta-themed night, you might order in some L.A. Mex, or if you were going with an 80s style, you could go all retro with your food choices, and perhaps serve up something in bright colors too!

#4: Don’t forget the drinks

We aren’t suggesting that your guests need to be drunk to get merry, but they will be less than satisfied if you provide nothing to wet their taste buds! So, think about the drinks you might serve up, and offer something a little more exciting than a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Check out these delicious and creative alcoholic drinks, for example, and then look for similar offerings to serve up to those guests who are looking to stay sober during your party.  

#5: Bring in the fun

Don’t run the risk of boring your guests. They will only go home early if you do. Within your planning, think of some fun party games that could link in with the theme you have chosen, and consider paying for guest entertainment too. You might bring in a musician, for example, a magician, or even somebody offering something a little more risqué. Just don’t invite your gran if you opt for the latter!

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