Tips For Packing Light For Any Trip

Tips For Packing Light For Any Trip

Packing right and light is almost an art form but when done, will help to make your trip less stressful and can save you time and money. In order to pack as light as possible, plan what you will need in advance and have a packing list handy to check off as it gets packed. Start the list in advance and add to it as you remember items that need to be packed. When beginning the list, have a rough draft and write everything you can think of. This way, you can remove items but you won’t forget to bring the essentials. 

Have your list ready a few days in advance of your trip. This will enable you to check the weather in the city or cities you will be traveling to. If the weather report is colder or warmer or even wetter then expected, you will be prepared with the right clothing and accessories. 

Once you have your list and you have checked the weather, go through the list in and group items according to usage. For example, things like sunscreen, toiletries should be in one section and clothing another. Think about sharing some of the toiletries, like toothpaste, shampoo, hairdryer and other items that more then one person will be using. T

Clothing should be organized according to the days you will be away and what you will wear each day. Think about each day you will be gone and what you will be doing and then pack the outfits needed for those days. Try to double up on some of the clothing to get more use out of each item whenever possible. Don’t forget to pack your air force 1 shadow.

This may be wearing a skirt or slacks with a different top more then once or a pair of shorts more then once. If you are going to a warm weather destination, using the same beach cover up for several days will save you a lot of room in day time clothing. 

Shoes take up a lot of room and most trips you can get away with limiting to a few, one for daytime, one for night time and one that is comfortable for walking. When you are deciding what to pack, opt for items that travel well and don’t wrinkle as much so they can go in the main suitcase.  

Make sure you pack a carryon that holds essentials such as medication, baby items or anything else you may need quick and easy access to.  

Packing light will make your travel easier and save your back, neck and shoulders from getting stiff from lifting the heavier bags. It will also save you money on porters if you can carry it yourself and the other benefit, less unpacking and laundry when you arrive home.  

While packing light is an skill, with organization and practice, it is one that just about everyone can manage. 


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