Tips For Making Your Own Not So Scary Halloween Celebration

Not so scary halloween party ideas

Not so scary halloween party ideas

Halloween is a family favorite holiday. Kids love the it almost immediately because of the candy overload they get from trick or treating. But often younger kids can get scary, spooky and may be the cause of a lot of stress an anxiety. So if your kids are just a bit too young for the spooky side of the holiday or if you want to make your own kid friendly Not So Scary Halloween Celebration we have everything you need to get them in the mood for Halloween without all of the scary stuff!

Make Kid Friendly Treats

DIY Ghost Juice Boxes

There are so many different ways you can make treats that are fun, just a little spooky and not scary at all. Kids love their juice boxes, and with a couple items you may already have around the house you can turn them into some Mummy Juice Boxes! Fun, simple and very kid friendly!

Find the instructions to make your own Spooky Juice Boxes

Make it a Movie Night with the Classics!

hocus pocus anniversary edition reviewHorror movies are everywhere this time of year, but kid friendly Halloween movies are few and far between. This year is the 25th anniversary of the release of Hocus Pocus and it’s one that kids of all ages love. It’s a Halloween tradition to watch the movie every year, and the newest release even has a trivia and treats mode!

Relive the story of the Sanderson sisters and the town they try to take over in their unending quest for youth and beauty!

Get your copy of Hocus Pocus Anniversary Edition for your own celebration!

Get Crafty with Art Supplies and Decorate the House! 

DIY Paper Pumpkins

Chances are you have all of the supplies at home already, but making these Paper Pumpkins are not only super easy to make but easy for kids to make as well. You can make them out of construction paper, pages from a magazine or even newspaper. They are fun, can collapse to use again next year for decoration.

Find instructions to make your own Paper Pumpkins!

Have a Movie Sing-a-Long Night!

nightmare before christmas sing along edition review

A touch of creepy, a lot of Halloween and a bit of Christmas. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a family favorite and is one you can watch over again and again until Santa comes! What we love about it, besides the classic stop animation is the catchy songs you’ll have stuck in your head for days to come. Since we’re already singing along, you can even play this new release in Sing Along mode with all of the lyrics right on your screen!

Get your copy of The Nightmare Before Christmas Sing Along Edition

Bake Something Sweet that the Whole Family Will Love 

Gluten Free Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere this time of year, but we’re bigger fans of pumpkin. It’s a great ingredient to add into some of your favorite recipes and we have some delicious pumpkin cupcakes your kids will love. We top them with candy pumpkins (or severed fingers) and with a spiced cream cheese frosting. It’s the perfect blend of sweet and seasonal flavors. And what kid doesn’t love cupcakes?

Find the recipe for Gluten Free Pumpkin Cupcakes here!

Create a Festive Wreath that is just Spooky Enough

Eye ball wreath DIY

Still want a bit of the spooky decor around but not too scary? Why not make this adorable wreath filled with googly eyes. They jiggle when the door moves and they’re not too creepy at all. As an added bonus, the other side can be left blank without eyeballs so the wreath transitions easily from Halloween to Christmas just by changing the ribbon!

Directions for the Reversible Eyeball Wreath

Don’t forget to Carve those Pumpkins! 

Finding Dory Pumpkin Carving and Halloween Tips

Carving pumpkins or decorating them is always part of the fun of Halloween. Once you get past the gross guts inside you can decorate and display your original artwork, or use a template to make your own jack-o-lantern! We love some of the great character pumpkins and here are some great free printable templates for your kids! There are even Trick-or-Treat guides and more. Print out multiple and share with your friends!


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