Tips For Keeping Your Car Safe

car safety tips

Your car isn’t a cheap thing. Not only is it expensive to buy, but it’s pricey to run and to fix, so why wouldn’t you take the extra measures to keep it safe? Over 721,053 amount of cars got stolen in a day in the US, and most of them are due to not properly protecting their vehicles. And keeping your car safe goes beyond keeping it physically safe but also protecting it against accidents and other people’s stupidity. Insurance is a legal part of owning a car, but it’s also something incredibly important when it comes to making sure that you and your car remain safe in the case of an emergency. Your car needs to be safe to drive at all times, and not just checked after an accident has occurred, so make sure that you actually spend the time and the money having your car regularly serviced.


When do you park your car when you go shopping or to work? The free spots down that back road sound amazing for your wallet, but not so much for the safety of your car. When you look at it that way you just know that you need to be parking in a well survalenced area. A parking lot usually has secure CCTV and even a security guard if not a ticket officer. Yes it might cost you more, but a lot of places have discounted prices if you are parking for work, so do the research. When parking at night make sure that your car is easily viable to the CCTV, and that you don’t park in a corner. This is a prime space for someone to hide while waiting for you to unlock your car. Have your keys ready while approaching the car and only unlock it when you’re about to get in. Lock the car once you are inside and that’s when you can start fiddling with your phone or bags or sat nav before heading off. Most newer cars allow you to unlock the drivers door alone before the rest of the car – this is an intentional safety feature.


When at home the best place for your car is in the garage. And make that structure look as unappealing to robbers as possible; instal a home security camera and alarm and it will really keep any potential criminals at bay. If you don’t have a garage then park the car where you can easily see it from your home. Again, install an alarm into your car to make it look like an unattractive target and don’t leave any valuables in the car overnight. For extra measures, it’s worth using a steering wheel lock to make it even harder to steal. A wheel clamp is a good idea, but it’s so easy to replace a tire without affecting the car alarm, but it will deter amateurs.


As we mentioned before – you need to have insurance for your car, it’s the law. But you shouldn’t just take that as an excuse just to get the basics. Your insurance can protect you and help you in so many ways, but the more you want out of it the more expensive it can get. Make sure that you do the research in the company as well as into the type of insurance you need to get the best cover for your car. It’s always a good idea to get comprehensive cover, meaning that you as a driver are covered to drive any vehicle that you have permission to drive. If your family has more than one car then look at a multicast insurance policy, the same goes for joining your home and car Insurance, which can help to bring the costs down for both policies.


When buying a car or even car parts, they should come with a warranty, meaning that you can have them replaced or fixed for free if they break within an agreed amount of time. But you can also purchase extra warranties to protect your car further. Buy a powertrain warranty which protects each component of your vehicle that makes to car go – from the engine to the drive axle. It’s definitely worth doing, particularly if you do a lot of driving. The more you use your car the quicker these components wear down and the sooner you have to replace them.


We already mentioned alarms for both your car and wherever you’re storing it, and it’s such an important part of keeping your car safe. A lot of cars appear to have an alarm built in, evidenced by a flashing light on the dashboard, but that doesn’t actually mean there is a working alarm in there. Having a car alarm installed in your car is a simple thing and an investment that is worth it. Just make sure you know what your alarm sounds like so that you know when to react if someone tries to steal your car.


Keeping your car up to date with its services is so important, and can really affect the way you drive. Worn out tires or suspension can cause you to be more reckless on the road due to less traction and stability. Your car needs to be safe to drive, and it’s not enough just to wait until something breaks to replace it. Being pre-emptive with repairs stops other areas of your car from becoming damaged and needing to be replaced sooner rather than later.

Dash cam

A dashboard camera is becoming increasingly popular to have, and can mean a massive difference if ever you or someone around you is in an accident. They are so easy to use and can be installed by you at home. Make sure that you are doing the research into the brand before buying to make sure that you are getting the right one – some record sound as well as film, and some can store more on an internal drive while others need an SD card to record anything at all.

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