Tips for Cutting Down Clutter in Your Home

Tips for Cutting Down Clutter in Your Home

We all love a clutter free room or home. It gives us a feeling of space and orderliness. It is refreshing and relaxing and often it is easy to find those things that we need. It is bright and tidy and much much easier to maintain than a cluttered confusing home. Living in a clutter free space is simply a pleasure.

But how on earth can we cut down on clutter without throwing away everything that we need in the process? These days cutting down on clutter is not as simple as just donating items. More and more we find that we need to be careful and even keep things for spare parts or replacements – even if they are not working properly.

Here are some ideas to adopt as we think about moving to a clutter free home.

  1. Avoid unplanned purchases. Generally if we have not planned a purchase and researched our options we do not need the item enough to warrant making an unplanned purchase. Avoid buying things on the spur of the moment and you will help yourself reduce clutter without even throwing something away or donating it!
  2. Start using things you already have. Once you’ve avoided bringing in new clutter to the house, you need to start using things you already have in favor of buying new things. Instead of having items stored away in cupboards cluttering up your space you can get them out and use them. For example, suppose you have a set of place mats stored away with sentimental value and you need a new table runner.Instead of keeping those place mats and buying a new runner make one out of the old mats.
  3. Avoid an excess of ornaments and decorations. It is usually totally possible to have a beautiful room without an excess of ornaments and trinkets. They usually just add to the confusion of a room and you would be well advised to have one or two cherished items on display, or better still some flowers from the garden that come and go with the seasons. Investing in ornaments is usually a bad idea.
  4. Hide those items you really need. Identify those things that you really need and use frequently everyday – like toothbrushes, mugs, pens and paper – and then hide them away in the appropriate living space! We normally put those things we use a lot on top of surfaces (adding to clutter). This also encourages us to store things that we really do not need. If we have to find a home for those things that we really want out we will think about those other items we are storing but maybe do not need to have so handy.
  5. Hunt out those things that are not being used frequently; catalog and store. Once you have identified things that you are not using often – like certain containers, plates, or even towels and curtains – you can start looking for other storage spaces. You do not need to donate these items or throw them away, just find a better long term storage space. You can put them in boxes that will stack and store them in a shed or other space. and if you catalog what you are squirreling away then you can always check what is where when you need something in the future.

By careful consideration of the new things that you bring into the home; utilizing those things that you already have; storing more effectively those things that you don’t use much and putting those things that you do use in convenient spaces out of view you will take important steps to making your home clutter free.

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