Tileblox Makes Building and Learning for Small Hands

Tileblox Review

Creativity starts very young age, but often learning spatial awareness and motor functions aren’t ready for some of the play that kids want to do. Building and creating is always fun, and thanks to Magformers Tileblox, it can happen earlier and within the abilities of small hands.

Tileblox Review

Unlike other building blocks and toys, Tileblox are flat squares and triangles with magnets in all of the edges. The clear plastic shapes are BPA free and the strong magnets are embedded in the shapes and sealed in so there’s no worry that they will be possibly be swallowed. The bright colors make building fun and quick – and kids can quickly create shapes and buildings that they wouldn’t be able to do since they can build taller and easier than just plain blocks or squares.

Tileblox Review

While the Tileblox seem to be a simple design, the shapes are great for spatial learning and building fun. They are the perfect STEM gift to help kids with hand and eye coordination, and building skills. The bright colors will definitely get their attention and Tileblox and encourage creative play. Their sturdy design means they will last for years of building fun.

Each set comes with different instructions for different builds that kids can try as well – encouraging them to learn how to use them in different ways and to keep building. Any toy that encourages learning and creativity is going to be huge this year, and a toy that they’ll love for years to come.


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