Three Ways To Share Your Passion in Entertainment

Gilmore Girls Set Visit

We all have our favorite show or movie, but how do we share that with those around us. Sure, you can tell all of your friends about it, but what if you wanted to do more? Not just sharing at the water cooler or with your book club, but you may want to engage more with the entertainment industry – even if you’re far from the large studios and sets.

Here are three different ways you can share your passion for the entertainment industry, no matter where you live.

Support Your Favorite Actors

Motor City Comic Con 2014
Lost Girl Panel, Motor City Comic-Con 2016

With social media, it’s easier than ever to support and follow your favorite actors. You can see their latest projects, send them messages, or even order Cameos if they offer them. One of our favorite ways to interact with our favorite shows and actors is at local conventions or even ones out of town. Not only can you attend panels that you’d normally expect to be open to just members of the Press, but you can ask them your most burning questions. Most of these conventions will have an opportunity for a meet and greet or even lets fans get autographs from their favorite actors.

Visit Filming Locations

While the majority of the movies we watch come from Hollywood, you’d be surprised at where you’ll find a movie set. I can guarantee, that you may be within driving distance of some locations that were used in movies you love. From Transformer sets in Detroit, to where the Rockford Peaches played baseball or even the prison from Shawshank Redemption. Some set locations are a bit harder to get to on Studio Lots, and others are stashed away in a museum. With a little searching, you can find and visit these sets on a road trip or plan a whole trip around visiting some of your favorite.

Create Your Own Site or Group to Share Your Reviews

If you love movies and TV shows as much as I do, it might be time for you to start your own journey by creating your own review site or even Facebook page or group. Not only will this give you a great place for you to share your reviews, but you can engage in conversations about the different shows and movies you’ve watched. You get to create your own community around what you love – and that’s one of the greatest ways you can share your passion. You never know, it could turn into something more.

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