Three Ways Fans can Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of the Wizard of Oz

Holland Michigan Wizard of Oz Garden

It is probably one of the first movies you remember watching, and for generations it seems to be the case. The Wizard of Oz has found it’s way into the hearts of generations, and with it’s 80th anniversary this year fans are looking for connect with the story and relive the magic they felt when they first saw the movie.

The Wizard of Oz was originally released on August 25th, 1939. To celebrate the upcoming anniversary, here are some ways fans can experience the magic of the movie with other fans – and even participate in the story!

Visit the Land of Oz Theme Park

The yellow brick road actually exists on top of the Emerald Mountain (Beech Mountain, North Carolina). The Land of Oz opens its doors for limited tours throughout the summer and in the fall each year. But with the anniversary this year – they’ve added tours.

Head to Kansas and walk through the Gale’s farm house. Walk the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy and her friends. You might even be selected to participate as a character and be required to sing some of the songs!

The 45 minute tour is one that fans will love to experience first hand, and actually walk the Yellow Brick Road with Dorothy. Stop inside the museum and shop while you’re there too!

Learn more about the Land of Oz experience and start planning your trip today!

Head to a Wizard of Oz Festival

Annually, there are dozens of different Wizard of Oz Festivals held throughout the country. And this year there seems to be more than ever. While some may have already passed, there are still several opportunities to visit a Wizard of Oz festival and celebrate before the anniversary is here!

This summer the Sixth Annual Wizard of Oz Festival was held in Ionia, Michigan and offered guests an art fair, parade and opportunities to meet characters and more.

Find a Wizard of Oz festival near you!

Take a Trip to the Wizard of Oz Garden

If driving to North Carolina isn’t in the plans this year, or you have missed the local festival – you can still enjoy a bit of Oz right in our own backyard. The Holland Oz Project was started earlier this summer and is open to the public at no additional cost. Follow the yellow brick road to a succulent and annual book display of the Wizard of Oz. And surround yourself with bronze statues of the characters from the story.

Why would this installation be in Holland, Michigan? L. Frank Baum actually wrote the bulk of the Wizard of Oz while he was at his home in the area and some characters were based on locals he met during his stay. This nod to Western Michigan and the fantasy world he created from it inspired the installation which will be permanent to view long after the anniversary has passed.

Currently the statues are still being installed in the park, but they will fully installed before the anniversary date. The oversized book is perfect for photos, and is definitely something you should see in person.

Find out more about the Holland Oz Project



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