Three Reason You May Need Sound Canceling Headphones and Where to Get Them #ad @SonyElectronics @BestBuy

sony sound canceling head phones at best buy

sony sound canceling head phones at best buy

Life is messy, noisy and busy. There are times you just want to block it all out and listen to your favorite music or pod casts. Tune out the outside world and slip into your favorite musical moments. Over the years, noise cancellation technology has gotten better and getting a good set of headphones is key. But where would you actually use them? Are noise canceling headphones something you need in your life? The short answer is Yes, and there are so many places they can make better for you.

Travel is Noisy

sony sound canceling head phones at best buyWhen was the last time you were on a plane? Noisy neighbors, an over chatty seat mate? Or if you’re like me and always back in the cheap seats – engine noise. While some noise canceling headphones say they’re up for the job, they’re really not and you still struggle to hear your music.

Focus Better at Work

The next noisiest place is an open office plan. The cubical walls are getting lower as the years go on, and that means more noise pollution is creeping into your work space. Tune everyone else out, turn up your music and be more productive with less distractions.

Relaxation is Key

This one isn’t really a place, we’ll admit it. Instead, you can turn any place into your own relaxing oasis. The noises that annoy you can just disappear and be cancelled out. It can make you feel better, be more productive and just relax when you need a quick get away.

So with those types of benefits how do you know you’re getting the right kind of head phones? A lot of brands say they have noise canceling technology but noise still gets through, or the battery dies after a couple hours.

What if you could find noise canceling headphones just for music? With 30 hours of battery life and can get a five hour charge in only 10 minutes? They’d be perfect right? That is exactly what the Sony¬†Noise Canceling WH-1000XM3 Headphones do. They check every box and so much more. Inside the headphones they have proprietary noise cancelling processors that give you optimal noise cancellation, they play Hi-Res audio and the noise cancellation actually adapts and can detect your activity to balance out noise canceling levels for the activity you’re doing. That means you will be able to hear cars go by for safety but when you’re sitting still it will focus more on the music.

If you’re looking for the perfect headphones to listen to your music, to relax and focus on what matters most check out the new Sony Headphones and how they can change your audio game.

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