Three Must Have Educational Toys for Young Learners

Snapsies Versions 2 Review

We’ve said it before and will say it over and over again, one of the best ways for kids to learn is by playing. And while some of the new toys on the market are completely educational, some of the best new toys are more about fun – where learning is a side effect. And as we roll towards the holiday season, we are finding more and more toys that we love that kids not only will think are a lot of fun, but can help them with some of their basic motor skills or even a bit of science as well.

Head Off on New Adventures with the Green Toy RV and Camper Set

Greentoys RV Camper Set Review

Creative play is important and that is one of the reasons we absolutely love the Green Toy RV and Camper set. Not only is the toy set is made from recyclable materials and completely dishwasher safe, but this affordable set is also one that small hands can take on adventures. While the set looks simple, several of the items nest into one another and can teach small kids how pieces go together. Set off on a fun camping adventure with your friends Mouse and Duck, and see where they take you!

Science is Delicious with the Groovy Glowing Candy Lab

The Groovy Glowing Candy Lab is made for kids ages 6 and up, but let’s face it – you’re going to want to play with this as well! It comes with everything you need to make fun candy, learn how the parts interact, and even making glowing ice cubes (that you can check with the UV Flashlight! It’s a lot of fun, it’s a great way for kids to see what science happening in front of their eyes. Plus they (and you) get the added bonus of having an edible reward after you do each experiment!

Build and Create New Friends with Funko Snapsies

Funko has taken over so many fandoms and crazes. Including the unboxing experiences for kids. And now their Snapsies are on version 2 and inside are fun creatures they can build and customize with the pieces in each box. With fun accessories, stickers and more included, Funko Snapsies can help kids with their motor skills as they build and play with their new friends that are just a few snaps away.


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