Three Must Do Experiences at Universal Hollywood

Universal Studios Hollywood Activities for Families

From magical experiences, carnival rides, dinosaurs and much more – Universal Hollywood has so many different experiences for you and your family. Even if you’re not a huge fan of rides, the park allows you to feel like you’re part of the world of your favorite movies and shows.

While we were exploring Universal Hollywood, we found some great experiences and things you can do on your first visit to Universal Studios. If you have a few hours, or the whole day – there’s a lot for you to visit and check out – but here are our top picks for your trip to the park!

Harry Potter World is Magical

Universal Studios Hollywood Activities for Families

Grab your wand and cape and get ready to talk a walk through Hogsmeade with your favorite wizards. With snow topped buildings, pavilions pouring butter beer and magical elements everywhere this smaller version of Harry Potters World at Universal Orlando – it’s the perfect size to enjoy a day with your friends and family.

Get your house cloaks, pick out a new wand or get a chocolate frog with your friends. From themed restaurants, treats and more – Harry Potter World is a completely immersive land of it’s own right off the main path that fans of the franchise will love the magic that is created within this area of the park.

Hogwarts Tour Tip: Not up to the VR ride but still want to see the castle? Hogwarts is an experience of its own. Simply ask at the front gate for a castle tour and they’ll tell you how you can walk through the castle and see the spaces inside. At a certain point, you’ll have to leave the castle but you get to experience the main room, Dumbledore’s office and even the stairs with the talking paintings! It’s worth doing even if the ride isn’t for you.

Visit Springfield and Your favorite Characters

Universal Studios Hollywood Activities for Families

In need of a Squishy? Or have you always wanted to try a Duff Beer? Be sure you take the time to visit the part of Universal dedicated to The Simpsons and the characters that we have loved for the past thirty years. From rides, to custom restaurants and even Krusty Burgers and Kwik E Mart are there for you to enjoy. Play carnival games, grab some of the best chicken sandwiches at Kleetus’ Chicken Barn. This is area in Universal will keep you entertained for hours with your family.

Hop on the Lot Tour and Get a behind the Scenes Look

Universal Studios Hollywood Activities for Families

Universal Studios in Hollywood is the only amusement park that offers a lot tour of their active shooting locations as well as older sets that they have used through the years. The lot tour is included in your ticket price, and you can hop on the tram and take the 45 minute tour with your family. There really isn’t an age limit on this “ride” per say but there are some moments that can be a bit intense for younger kids.

The tram tour will take you up on the hill and show you filming locations for movies like Transformers, Jaws, Psycho and even the Grinch movie. Including current filming location for The Good Place is a fun place to go through as well, and the tour takes you through three different interactive portions of the lot where you feel like you are actually in part of a movie. You learn more about the movies that are filmed there and some of the stars that have been where you are currently at, and the movie magic that goes on there every day.

Lot Tour Tip: Go before it’s dark out! Many of the locations on the tour aren’t lit at night, so you wont be able to see some of the classic set pieces like the Back to the Future Clock Tower.

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