Three Great Experiences for Racing fans in Race City

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While there is no major race track in Moorseville, the small city about a half hour outside of Charlotte has the nick name of Race City. The small downtown doesn’t give you a clue to all of the things that the city has helps support NASCAR, Formula 1 and other major races within the industry. And while many racing fans may head to Charlotte, there is plenty to visit in Moorseville that are items to check off your bucket list.

After you leave the NASCAR Hall of fame in Charlotte, hop in the car and head out to Moorseville to experience things that will make your heart race with joy.

Take the Fan Walk at Penske

The Penske Fan Walk is a free experience you can walk into during normal business hours. The walk is a cat walk around the upper level of the Penske retail store (where you can get your fan gear) and takes you the whole length of the warehouse. The walls are covered in large banners showing previous wins by the teams that Penske sponsors and below you team members work on current race cars.

You are able to take photos and videos in the space, but Penske doesn’t allow telephoto lenses in the area. Open doorways will give you a sneak peek of future vehicles and items they are working on. Observe from afar, and enjoy a bit of race history being made in front of you.

Learn more about the Penske store and fan walk!

Experience What it’s like to be on a Pit Crew at Pit Crew U

Did you know that a well trained Pit Crew can take the tires off, replace them and fuel a vehicle in under 11 seconds? It’s so fast if you blink you may miss it! But at Pit Crew U, you can work with your team and learn just what it takes to do it. Offering professional training in their facilities, you can book team building exercises and more at the facilities. Take workshops, buy Pit Crew gear and more when you visit.

Find out what it’s like to be part of a Pit Crew and the team building exercises they offer!

Get a Taste of Speed at the GoPro Motorplex

You wouldn’t be a racing fan if you didn’t like speed and that’s where Karting is going to come into play. Located in Moorseville is the GoPro Motorplex, an outdoors karting facility sponsored by the camera brand. Race the tracks, rent a camera and record the fun or purchase some GoPro gear as you go. You can’t have a successful race fan trip without a taste of speed on the way!

Schedule your visit to the GoPro Motorplex!


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