Three Gluten Free Finds in Fort Wayne You Want to Try

Pub 1802 Review

Whenever we’re on the road we love hitting local finds and food that will help us get through the day but also give us a taste of local flavors. Although Fort Wayne isn’t that far away from Detroit, we found some gems that we’re sure locals know about – but anyone with a gluten free diet will love stopping by and having a meal or treat along the way.

The Pub at 1802

Aptly named, The Pub at 1802 sits at 1802 Spy Run Avenue in Fort Wayne. The sports bar looks modern but unassuming and when you walk in the modern interior is welcoming to everyone who comes inside. With televisions on every wall and above the bar so you can catch every game. But their extensive menu is where they truly shine. From pizzas, normal bar fare and burgers that will make your mouth water. With fun stuffed burgers, magically named drinks and appetizers you won’t forget, your meals will be ones you will crave after the fact. Dietary issues? Don’t worry, you can get gluten free buns and a well educated staff, your meal will be just what you need.

DeBrand Fine Chocolates

As soon as you walk in the door to DeBrand Fine Chocolates your sweet tooth will know it’s in the right place. With walls painted to look like melting chocolate, flowing brown curtains and areas that look like they are absolutely wrapped in delicious chocolate. With rooms you can rent for special occasions and delicious treats that you can order and enjoy right there – you would think DeBrand Fine Chocolates was just a place you could stop in for a quick treat. And while that is what they are there for, you can actually visit and take a tour of the facility as well. The cost is only $5 a person and you can watch as they make their delicious treats and learn more about this luxury chocolate brand. Your tour will include taste tests of their chocolate and a coupon for $5 for any purchases after the tour is done. Let them know if you have any food allergies and they will make sure you can have the samples they have waiting for you.

Dash In

In a rush and want a delicious meal? The Dash In downtown Fort Wayne has a large coffee menu, beer menu and meals that will make your mouth water. With gluten free bread available, get a breakfast sandwich to enjoy, or a mocha as big as your head. Their menu offers a variety of meals and things you can enjoy if you are in between hopping museums or shopping downtown. With a quaint interior and fun space – it will be your favorite place to stop over.


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