Thomas and Friends King of the Railway Review and Giveaway!

Thomas and friends King of the Railway review
Thomas King of the Railway

You have no idea how excited Goonie gets when one of the new Thomas & Friends movies shows up! Let’s just say it was hard finding a photo that was relatively clear from him jumping around.Β He was just sent Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway on DVD to review and was so happy to watch it.

In this new movie you follow Thomas, James and Percy through Sodor as they meet new friends, hear old heroes legends and go on a great adventure to find their friend Stephen! Will their suits of armor help them out as they try to figure out the biggest secret about the island of Sodor? Travel the rails with them as they go on one of their biggest adventures yet!

The new Thomas & Friends adventure is over an hour long! Perfect for your little Engineer and will keep their attention learning about legends and more.Β Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway is now available on DVD! Grab your copy for your little engineer!

One lucky reader is not only going to win a copy of Thomas and Friends King of the Railway on DVD but also the Thomas and Friends Trackmaster Train set! Think just how happy your little Engineer would be to see this under the Christmas Tree this year!

Thomas King of the Railway

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post telling me about your little engineer’s greatest adventure has been so far! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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  1. My grandson love Thomas & Friends, he has a lot of the trains, but I think the best thing he will always remember best is that we took him to Tweetie Railroad to ride Thomas’ train, and last summer this wasn’t Thomas but my husband took him to a train shoe, he’s crazy over train

  2. My grandson loves thomas the train and always says choo choo when he sees a train. He would love to have this forhis birthday.

  3. Pierce loves his little movies of trains– he doesn’t have one-but would love this– He sits and watches his train movie about every three days–thanks

  4. DD hasn’t had any adventures with trains. But I’m sure should would love too. She did enjoy our adventure to the beach this year. Thanks.

  5. My son’s biggest adventure lately has been adjusting to homeschool. He loves trains though (especially his Thomas set) and I know he would love to add to it.

  6. My sons love Thomas and his Friends. They would love to have this!! Not that they will remember it because they are so young, but they have been to the Grand Canyon.

  7. We have taken a few vacations over the summer, but my youngest son’s most interesting adventure is watching him try to catch the wild turkeys that have been wandering around our yard.

  8. My son’s biggest adventure so far has been a trip to Ohio to visit family. Although he’d probably tell you his biggest adventure is just taking the subway to play mini golf πŸ™‚

  9. My little boy’s greatest adventure so far was riding the big train at the zoo this year. He was thrilled! He loves Thomas πŸ™‚

  10. My son is 3, he loves playing with trains. His biggest adventure so far has been going on a big boat into the Caribbean and then going to DC where he got to ride on the subway.

  11. My grandson’s would love to have this. One of them started school this year, and riding the bus over the railroad tracks is his favorite.

  12. My little engineer Garrett has followed Thomas since before he could walk. My father takes great joy in taking him to model train shows twice a year. One of his greatest moment had to be when his grandparents took him to ride Thomas when he was two.

  13. Our little ones big adventure so far has been, riding the rides at the fair and not being scared (like she was last year), she was very pleased of herself.

  14. My son loves trains so we took our children on a train ride to Dillsboro, NC had a picnic and rode the train back.

  15. I guess our biggest adventure would be our first overnight out of town about 4 hours from home. But I guess he would say our annual camping trip is always an adventure.

  16. My little one’s greatest adventure has been a plane ride from Hawaii to California, then riding a bus and train all on the same day to get from LA to San Diego.

  17. My little engineer’s greatest adventure is exploring the ghost towns of Nevada. She says, “I want that.” every time Thomas comes on the tube.

  18. My grandson absolutely loves Thomas and this would be a fab Christmas Gift! His biggest Adventure is flying in an airplane to visit grandma!

  19. My son’s biggest adventure was travelling 1000 miles in the van from FL to NJ.We had to go up due to a death.He did end up having fun as he got to see and play in snow for the first time.

  20. Thomas, classic family fun. Connecting younger generations with the generations that remember train travel. Inspiring family storier.

  21. My son isn’t even 2 yet, but he loves trains! His greatest adventure yet may have been when we took him to Chocolate World and then to Lancaster area to ride the train!

  22. His biggest adventure so far has been when we took him to The Pumpkin Patch for the first time! He had an adventure picking out the pumpkin he wanted! Took forever!!!LOL!!!

  23. my little man took his first plane ride at 4 months old! he did fantastic (and the passengers around us were happy too). he gets to take another plane ride soon!


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