This Small Bakery Offers a Fully Gluten Free Menu for Diners

1823 Bakehouse

Anyone with food allergies knows the struggle that their special diet creates while you’re traveling. Finding one or two items on a menu is usually the best you can hope for, but on a rare occasion you find a restaurant that takes care of you and becomes a place you want to return to over and over again.

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to find a gluten free bakery to grab a muffin or something sweet to enjoy while you’re on the go. But sometimes you find a gem like 1823 Bakehouse in Franklin, Indiana. The small bakery has been set off the downtown square for four years now and offers more than you’d expect inside.

1823 Bakehouse

From the front of the bakery you don’t think that there is much inside this small restaurant. And yes, there is limited seating, especially with a small independent record shop at the front. But the cozy restaurant offers a small seating area if you choose to dine in. Known for their breakfasts, lattes and more you will be surprised at their menu that actually changes occasionally.

1823 Bakehouse

Bring your laptop, get some work and enjoy some delicious scratch made soup, sandwiches made from bread they baked in house. And while it’s hard to believe with a long list of allergies that you can safely eat there, but their dedicated kitchen and space make it not only a delicious place to grab a meal but one you will head back to when you are craving sweets that you can’t usually find gluten free.

You can visit 1823 Bakehouse a 25 E Court St ste a, in Franklin, Indiana


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