This Candy Shop is in an old Train Depot and Takes You Back in Time

Hoosier Candy Shop Franklin Indiana

There’s something nostalgic about walking into a candy store and being able to walk out with a bag of your favorite sweets. And we’re not just talking about for kids. There’s a reason that old phrase “Like a kid in a Candy Store” still rings true and Hoosier Cupboard Candy, Snacks and Ice Cream in Franklin, Indiana will bring out that inner kid in you.

For the past four years the Hoosier Cupboard Candy shop has been inside the historic train depot right off of Jefferson downtown Franklin. The small depot building is filled from top to bottom with handmade truffles, ice cream, penny candies and even a lot of the modern treats kids may be familiar with today. Head in on the weekends and visit the small museum inside on one of the wings of the depot and learn more about the locomotive history of the area as well s of the building in general.

Hoosier Candy Shop Franklin Indiana

Hoosier Cupboard Candy makes sure your stop in is sweet from the moment you part your car in their parking lot that is painted with colorful ice cream cones in each spot. Walking inside is almost like walking back in time when you grab a bag and start filling it with your favorite taffy or finding cany from your childhood that you thought was long forgotten.

Your first trip to Hoosier Cupboard Candy you may pass it on the road, unless you are heading out of Franklin the signage wont be facing you and you’ll just simply drive past the small depot building. But be sure to turn around, stop in and grab some of your favorite sweets while you are there.

Hoosier Cupboard Candy, Snacks and Ice Cream is located at 370 E. Jefferson St. Franklin, Indiana.



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