Things Not to Pack for Your Next Camping Trip

Things Not to Pack for Your Next Camping Trip

If you are considering going camping it is important to make up a list of items you really need to take and a list of items that you do not really need to take. I have found that over packing for a camping trip, can really add to the stress of camping. To help make things enjoyable making up a simple list really makes all the difference in the world. If you are new to camping you may want to take a look at this list to see what you don’t really need. Below you will find a list of the ten things that you really do not need to bring on your next camping trip.

Forget the dairy

Unless you have a recreational vehicle with a refrigerator I have found that packing dairy products to take on a camping trip can spell disaster for your next camping trip. Some families take along milk, eggs, and butter on there trip to try and prepare meals like they do at home. This is really not necessary. Remember that camping really is about roughing it and getting away from the ordinary. Since these things will go bad if they are not kept at a constant temperature it is best not to have them. Instead of enjoying your trip you may end up searching around for extra ice to keep your cooler filled. Trust me when I tell you that it is just easier to go without it.

Leave the TV

If you are going on a camping trip, you really don’t need your kids sitting around staring at a television. There is plenty to see and do when you are out in nature. This is a good time to teach your children the joys of living without a television set. Your kids may complain a bit at first, but once you show them all that they can do outdoors it will be forgotten in no time. Just make sure that you bring board games, or indoor activities for those rainy days.

Camping Kitchen

For campers who really like to rough it you will find that they tend to go without the luxuries of a camping kitchen. Instead of bringing along a camping kitchen you can just bring the necessities that you need, and keep them in one bag. A regular duffle bag is just fine for holding all of your gear and you can get it in and out of the car whenever you need to. We have been camping as a family this way for many years and have had no problems.

Leave the laptops

If you are going to be leaving the television, then why not also leave the laptop at home. Camping is a great time to teach your family the joys of completely unplugging. If you are going to tell the kids to go without television than mom and dad should have no problem going without their laptops for a few days.

Forget the portable stove

I can not tell you how many times I have seen people struggle with the portable stoves at the campsite. Often you will find that many campgrounds have rules on these items and only want them placed in certain areas. Since you are outside why not cook on the open flame. Most campsites come with fire pits that will enable you to put a simple grill over the top. You can have a great cooked meal the natural way, and the best part is that you will have less gear to tote around in the process.


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