These Electric Mowers Outperform Traditional Gas Models

These Electric Mowers Outperform Traditional Gas Models

The trend of using environment-friendly tools and devices is continuing to gain ground with the advent of electricity-powered devices. One such device is the lawn mower. For the longest time, homeowners have maintained their lawns with manual and gas powered lawn mowers. The former needs human exertion and significant amount of time to finish the lawn maintenance job. The latter, although time- and effort-efficient, entails high cost of operation due to fuel consumption and maintenance of mechanical parts. The electric mower is a revolutionary alternative that not only cuts the hydrocarbon emission from gas models, it also provides better cost efficiency and better performance. There are many available electric mowers in the market today, but only several stand out and outperform the traditional gas-powered mower models.

The electric mowers come in two types: the cordless or rechargeable type and the corded electric mower. Product reviews will be provided for the outstanding electric mowers. Whichever your preference will be, the product reviews can assist you with your purchase decisions.

Cordless Electric Mowers

GreenWorks G-MAX PRO 80-Volt 21-inch Battery-Powered Cordless Lawnmower

The GreenWorks G-Max PRO 80V is an impressive electric mower when it comes to power, operation time, charging cycle and price. It comes with an 80V lithium-ion battery system, which provides power and efficiency to this mower. It has two 2.0Ah batteries that can efficiently run through a medium-sized lawn up to ½ acre, matching the output of a gas lawnmower. The G-MAX PRO comes with mulching and bagging functions. Another remarkable feature is its foldability and easy storage due to its capability of being stored vertically. The Tool Report’s in depth comparison of electric and gas models can be a reliable reference for homeowners considering to buy a lawnmower.

Yard Force 120V 22-inch Battery-Operated Electric Lawn Mower

The Yard Force YF120vRX provides a solid cutting power with its 120V Lithium-ion battery. It has a strong motor which effectively cuts through grasses of any thickness. I also features mulching and bagging capabilities and comes with a fast charger that only takes 30 minutes and has a long running time of 100 minutes. Since it includes two batteries, mowing a large yard can be easy and continuous. It has versatile height adjustment, a durable steel deck, and large 12” wheels for better maneuverability,  making it a reliable lawn mower comparable to the best gas models.

Snapper XD 82-Volt 21-inch Cordless Electric Lawn Mower Review – Self Propelled

The Snapper XD is also a top choice for cordless electric lawn mower . It also provides reliable power with its 82V power supply, making grass cutting a breeze. It is also durable and heavyweight, making its performance comparable with gas powered mowers. It also has excellent mulching and bagging capabilities and is reliable even with wet grass and terrain. In terms of storage, it also has vertical storage capability, but the extra weight means more muscle is needed. When it comes to maintenance, it only requires annual blade sharpening and battery removal when not in use.

Corded Electric Mowers

Black & Decker MM2000

The Black & Decker is a great pick for a corded electric mower that has considerable power that matches a gas mower. Its range may be limited, but it can be very efficient for handling a small yard. It provides plenty and continuous power supply for cutting grasses, even thick ones. Its large metal deck of 20” and cutting blade of 19” gives enough ground cover along with 10” rear and 7” front wheels for maneuverability and terrain management. Regarding storage, it is lightweight and has great foldability so it can be stored efficiently.

Sun Joe Mow Joe 20-Inch 12-Amp Corded Electric Lawn Mower

The Sun Joe MJ408E has a powerful 12-amp electric motor that can handle most types of grasses. As a plus, it comes with an extra-large 14.5-gallon capacity for its rear-collection bag for grass clipping disposal. Its 20” blade allows for an efficient and large coverage of up to medium sized lawns. It has 7 height positions for comfortable use. It also has a 2-year warranty to give you peace of mind to not worry about replacement or repairs soon.

Earthwise 20-Inch Corded Electric Mower

The Earthwise 50520 gives you the comfort of being free from gasoline, fumes and oil. It also gives you the benefit of smooth operation with just one click. This heavy-duty corded mower has a metal deck for stability of operation and a 20-inch cutting capacity for great lawn coverage for small to medium sized yards, comparable to the coverage of a gas mower. It also comes with a 3-in-1 system for mulching, rear bag disposal and side discharge. The 9” and 7” rear and front wheels allow for easy maneuverability and cutting height position adjustments. It comes with a steel deck, compact and slim frame with folding handles for easy storage.

Now that we have reviewed the top three cordless and corded electric mowers, it is now up to you to choose the best one suited for you. You can consider the size of your lawn, the thickness or your grass and your budget when making the purchase. The best electric mowers reviewed here can match gas models in terms of efficiency if not, even better. Regarding maintenance and utility, the electric mowers are very easy to operate and need less frequent maintenance. So go for the efficient and environment-friendly option for your lawn mower.


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