The World’s Smallest Toys Turn Your Favorite Games and Toys to Tiny Levels

The World's Smallest Toys Review

What if you could carry your favorite game in your pocket? We’re not talking about on your cell phone, but a physical game and toy that you can take everywhere with you, and it actually works? How cool would that be? It’s not just a cool idea, but something you can actually do, carry The World’s Smallest items with you to play with friends, or game on your own time.

We were sent a few of the World’s Smallest Toys including The World’s Smallest Crocodile Dentist, The World’s Smallest Uno Card Game, The World’s Smallest Super Soaker, and Mini Arcade loaded with Pacman! Surely, with the size of the items (like only a couple inch big) deck of cards can’t be fully functional right? With the exception of only one of the items, every one of the World’s Smallest toys worked how they were promised. With two full decks of cards, an actual arcade game to play on a tiny screen (that does have a volume controller) and a crocodile that bites down as you push his teeth in, the toys provide fun portable games on the go.

The only issue we had was with the World’s Smallest Super Soaker, the pressure didn’t seem to work very well for us, but it’s still an adorable tiny addition to our super soaker collection we have.

The small size of all of the items make them perfect for gag gifts, stocking stuffers or even fun add on gifts if you’re looking for something small and unique. But one of the best things – they don’t take up a lot of space or have loose pieces that can be easily lost if you are traveling. You can bring a whole game room with you if you want all in a small bag providing hours of entertainment.

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