The Unicron Trilogy Ends with Transformers Cybertron – The Complete Series now available on DVD

transformers cybertron review
Transformers Cybertron review
With the release of Transforms Armada and the beginning of the Unicron trilogy, you would have to expect they would complete the story! Should factory has also recently released Transformers Cybertron – the third and final part of the Unicron Trilogy. They sent us a copy to review and finish out our collection.

Fully animated by hand Transformers Cybertron is back to the episodes we grew up with, and remember. Optimus Prime and the Autobots work together with their human friends to find three mystery planets to close a black hole and save Earth and life as we know it. It seems that no matter where we are we’re not safe unless we have the Transformers fighting at our side! Full of rich color and familiar characters – Transformers Cybertron will let you relive memories and you’ll be rooting for the good guys again and again!

Transformers Cybertron: The Complete Series has a total of 7 discs and 52 episodes, with a total run time of 1180 minutes. You can find it in many stores as well as on Amazon for your Transformers lover. Watch from Fallen to the Beginning of Cybertron and the last chapter of the Unicron Trilogy completely through.


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