The Ultimate Summer Shopping List


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Summer is here again, and we are all looking forward to the endless hours lying on the beach or by the pool, the afternoons in the beer garden with our friends, and adventures in far off places.

The summer is the best time to think about updating your wardrobe, and if you are planning for a trip to some exotic place this year, there are going to be few items you simply have to add to your list. Here are some of the essential clothing items for your travel bag this year…

A classic one-piece

The most essential piece of clothing you can pack in your luggage for the summer is a one-piece swimsuit at ŪNIKA Custom Swimwear. Even if you normally wear a bikini, it is always worth bringing a simple one-piece for days when you feel a little bloated and don’t want your stomach fully on show. There are some amazing styles available at the moment, and 80s swimwear is a popular trend if you want to get that Baywatch vibe as you run down the beach!

A denim dress

Denim is a style of fabric which suits pretty much any person at any time of the year. In summer you can rock a cute pair of denim shorts, a skirt or a denim dress. With the pale blue colour against tanned skin, you’ll look like a star as you strut around the promenade.

Comfy shoes

If you are going to be walking around in hot weather all week, you are going to need to make sure you have comfy and light shoes to wear. A popular choice for most people is Converse because they are small, lightweight and easy to slip on and off when you get in the pool. You could also invest in some comfortable sandals such as Birkenstocks.

Flowy shorts

Sure, you might reach straight for your denim shorts to put on during the summer, but you can also buy yourself a cute pair of patterned shorts which are lighter and flowy. A cute pair of shorts can make the world of difference to any outfit, and paired with a black or white vest, you can feel dressed up even in the summer sun.

A maxi dress

The staple for any summer wardrobe is a flowing maxi dress to enjoy on a hot night abroad. It is the perfect way to get a little more dressed up for the evenings while you are away but to also stay comfortable in the heat. If you want to have that extra special feel, get a dress with the split down the side so that when you walk it flows around your legs!

A white tee

No holiday shopping list, or any shopping list, could be complete without the addition of a plain white tee. A white tee can be your best friend at all times of the year, and whenever you are struggling to make an outfit decision, it is there ready for you. Pack yourself a cute white tee to use as a cover-up over your bathing suit. With shorts for a day out in the town, or even for the evening meal with a cute skirt.


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