The Truth About Kalu Yala

Kalu Yala

Kalu YalaAs students we dream of making a difference in the world, as well as seeing the far reaches of the world. But many students don’t get the chance to study abroad or the education they need in order to be impact on the world they wish to be. What if you could travel the world, experience other cultures and get the education you expect while setting you on the path to make the world a bit better and greener?

While study abroad programs selections are vast, there are few as interesting as the one offered in Kalu Yala. The program puts students in the middle of the rain forest in Panama and into a sustainable village where they not only still attend classes but learn green practices that can be applied there, as well as at home. Not only can students learn from their surroundings, but they can actually take the education they’ve already received and apply it to the community surrounding Kalu Yala.

With a passion for community and sustainability built in, Kalu Yala helps students break away from the technology that surrounds their lives now and see the world on a much larger scale. The location of Kalu Yala is in a biodiverse environment, allowing students the opportunity to see different animals, plants and insects they would never experience anywhere else in the world. This also opens the doors to students with different disciplines that can attend and bring different skills to the table.

Kalu Yala pushes students into leadership roles and helps them get the skills they need to be entrepreneurs in the future. With diverse placements throughout the community, students will not only experience what it’s like to live within another culture but to make an impact on the area that surrounds them.

There are a lot of different study abroad programs available for students to consider. But Kalu Yala offers one of the largest amounts of opportunities for students to get involved, work and make an impact even as a student still. They don’t have to just wait to graduate to apply the skills they’ve learned. Instead, students can help continue what has been started at Kalu Yala and build the community from the ground up. With a jungle location, Kalu Yala will give students one of the most unique life experiences all while earning credits as they work to make the world a better place for the local community and the world around them.


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