The Town Where You Can Find Eight of the World’s Largest Things!

The World's Largest Things Casey, IL

There’s just something about smalls towns across the country that you wont find in any large city. It’s not just the charm of the small town life, the neighbors that will be there when you need it but there’s always something else hidden in those town squares you didn’t expect to find. Small town America is the home of Americana, patriotism and even some of the greatest inventors we’ve ever known.

The World's Largest Things Casey, IL

Off of I-70 is the small town of Casey, Illinois, which is not home to one of the World’s Largest things, but eight total. This small cross roads town has the iconic downtown area filled with small shops and businesses but throughout the downtown area and surrounding neighborhoods you can find some truly remarkable things.

The cities first World’s Largest item was the Mailbox in 2015 (which you can actually go inside of), an idea of resident Jim Bolin. It has grown to include the World’s Largest rocking chair, wind chimes, pitch fork and eight others scattered throughout the area. With this small town starting to gain some interest from tourists, they’ve started to¬† create some other larger than life items throughout the city as well.

The World's Largest Things Casey, IL

Finding all of the items in the area is almost like a scavenger hunt, with the majority of the items right in the city core. But some items will require a car to get to, and others a hike onto the golf course for the photo. Not sure you found everything? Take a stop inside theA  tourist information shop to get a check list of all of the items throughout the area as well as getting a look at the World’s Largest Wooden Clogs, which are a whopping size 166!

A visit to Casey can easily fill your afternoon, with fun shops and restaurants to visit while you’re in the area. Get the check list and print out a map and try to find all of the largest items as you go!

Find out more about Casey, Illinois from the Guiness Book of World Records


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