The Things We Do For Love #Behindtheblogger

things we do for love

things we do for loveWhen we’re young, love is this magical thing that happens in movies and fairy tales. We can blame our misconceived notions on Hollywood, or our hopeful hearts. But love isn’t always what’s in the movies, it’s not always as cut and dry as the stories make it seem and not everything fits into a cute package.

Yes, love is patient, love is kind – we’ve heard that thousands of times. But love is also messy, annoying and sometimes outright disgusting.

Love means nights in instead of nights out. Love means dirty laundry. Love means cleaning up messes, vomit, socks for the 1000000000th time (I’m not sure that’s enough zeros…) It’s the little unspoken things you do every day that the other person doesn’t expect, but happens when they aren’t looking. The things we do for love help reinforce the relationship, and help nurture it as love grows.

But love also means an extra blanket while you’re sleeping, unexpected cuddles, shared looks that speak more than full conversations and quiet times together.

Love doesn’t always mean a fairy tale ending, but that doesn’t make it bad. Instead, enjoy the love you have, and make it your own fairy tale. Make the memories together that will be better than any Hollywood ending, and take some pictures to reflect back on the way. Love may not be like the movies (most of the time), but when you love someone it’s worth the effort even in the bad times.
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