The Tech You Need to Survive Working from Home

Working from home can be a fantastic opportunity. More and more people are finding ways to work from home, either as freelancers or bloggers, by starting their own home business or by working for another company remotely. They often find that it offers them much great flexibility and even better control over their careers. Starting a home business or working as a freelancer can be your chance to create something for yourself, and do things your own way.

But, it isn’t all rosy. Working from home can be tough. Many people find that they struggle to stay motivated and alert around the distractions of home life. It can also be hard to be productive when there’s no one watching over you. Some home workers even find that they get bored with a job that they once loved when they are doing it from home on their own. Many struggle with loneliness and some home workers find that working from home isn’t the perfect solution that they thought it would be.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, tech can be a massive help when you work from home. We’re not talking about the technology and tools that you need to do your job either, but the ones that make your life easier, keep you on track and help to make home working the dream that you thought it would be.


Earbuds are fantastic, and not just for when you’re hitting the weights at the gym and don’t want to be impeded by wires (although, that’s helpful when it comes to burning off some stress after a tough day working from home too!). You can pair the AirPods with a Mac so that you can listen to music, block distractions out and get on with your work in peace, without having to worry about removing them if you need to step away for a second or tackle tasks away from your computer. Sometimes, all you need to focus is a bit of music and a way to block out the sounds of home.


There are some fantastic apps out there today. It’s almost fair to say that there’s an app for everything, and certainly safe to say that there are countless apps targeted to home workers. There are apps to boost your productivity and to keep you on target. There are apps to help you to work with a team, without leaving your house. You can get apps to help you schedule your time and send and receive payments. You can even use an app to manage your accounts.

Having the right apps on your phone can mean that you can work wherever you are, which lets you get out of the house occasionally. They can make your days easier, more productive and more organized.

A Coffee Machine

Coffee can be a useful tool when you work from home. It can give you an energy boost when you need it, but it also gives you a chance to take a break and get ten minutes for yourself in an otherwise busy and stressful day. A coffee machine is an essential tool if you want to survive working from home.

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