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Stinky & Dirty Show Review

Stinky & Dirty Show Review

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Last month The Stinky & Dirty Show premiered on Amazon a fun new animated show based on the books by Kate McMullan. We were asked to check out the new show, and share it with our readers. Stinky & Dirty are a pair of young work trucks – Stinky is a dump truck and Dirty is a construction vehicle. They meet up and together pair upto help solve problems in and around their homes.

Stinky & Dirty was made with preschoolers in mind, and has basic problem solving in each episode. As they’re working on fixing problems or helping their friends out they use tools and there is a lot of alliteration used in each episode. In each 21 minute episode there are actually two different stories. They are entertaining and each show is one that even older kids will enjoy. The show has a huge focus on teamwork, friendship and word association – all things that we love and is great for younger viewers.

There is some user engagement in the show that help keep us all engaged in the show, and it was definitely one that parents wont get annoyed with watching over and over again. As for kids, the show is so much fun! What is more fun than two main characters that are stinky and dirty and love being covered in mud? If you have Prime you can watch The Stinky & Dirty Show’s first season right now! Your kids will love it as much as we did.

Stinky & Dirty make a lot of great things out of the trash in Stinky’s junk yard. We absolutely love this about the show, and it helps show that things have a second use. We decided to create something fun that you can make with your kids out of some of those ads you get in the mail every week – beads for your own jewelry!

how to make paper beads

Here is everything you need:

  • Glue sticks
  • Paper ads or Newspaper
  • Toothpicks
  • Scissors
  • Clear Nail polish *optional
  • String or yarn


how to make paper beads

Step 1: 

Cut your paper into triangles and long strips and set them aside.

If you’re making these with your kids, cut the strips before hand!

how to make paper beads

Step 2: 

Lay a tooth pick at the wide part of the paper strip and put a line of glue under it. Start rolling the paper over the tooth pick, but be careful not to get the glue on the toothpick. The toothpick creates the hole in your final bead for the necklace string to go through.

how to make paper beads

This is what your bead will look like at this point!

how to make paper beads

Step 3:

Cover the rest of the exposed paper with glue and tightly wrap the beads around the toothpick. If you wrap it looser your beads will be a bit fatter.

Let your beads dry completely. Depending on the humidity this could take a while.

To make your beads completely waterproof coat your dry beads in clear nail polish. This will seal the edges as well.

how to make paper beads

When your beads are completely dry, remove the toothpick and then you can see where the hole for the string is.

Add a string or piece of yarn through your beads to make your own necklace. Pair with other beads or fun things you find!

how to make paper beads

Extra Hint – If you’re using yarn for your necklace and the ends seem frayed and you can’t get it through your beads, run the glue stick over the ends and roll them to create a sealed end. Make something beautiful out of something you’d throw out or recycle and it will be one of a kind!


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