The Spa Girl Life Makes it Easier to Relax and Feel Centered at Home

The Spa Girl Life Candle Review

Just because visiting a Spa may not be in your budget or an option right now – that doesn’t mean relaxation isn’t. Yes, you can still get a small bit the spa at home with the candles and products from The Spa Girl Life. Let’s face it – as hectic and weird as live has been lately, we all need a little get away even if it’s just a few minutes to ourselves.

The Spa Girl Life Candle Review

Each of the candles from The Spa Girl Life comes with a mantra, two crystals one for each hand if you choose to meditate with them, and a guided meditation and postcard, which has a space for journaling your thoughts after you meditate. That means you’re getting more than just a candle with your purchase, but an item that actually has some intention of use and to give you a bit more of a peace of mind when you use it. The Spa Girl Life creates a variety of items that you can use daily to help you feel centered again and to help you relax even when you can’t get away. Be sure to check out the different options they have including Woodwick candles to create your own spa feeling.

The Spa Girl Life Candle Review

The candles from The Spa Girl Life burn cleanly and are made of soy wax. There wont be a sooty smoke when you burn them. And the one we were sent, for Cosmic Karma has a soft and gentle scent. While I normally love burning candles, the scents can become too much after a while. The Cosmic Karma candle not only was kept burning longer than others in our space but the scent was welcoming and calming.

The enclosed mantra was simple and the card made it easy to keep on hand when we wanted it. Besides a good gift option for others, The Spa Girl Life candles are a gift to yourself and may be that small thing you need to help you feel a bit more like the You you want to be.



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