The Portable Door Introduces a New Fantasy World

The Portable Door Movie Review

This weekend a new fantasy world is taking its time on the screen. The Portable Door, adapted from The Portable Door, the first book in Tom Holt’s J.W.¬†Wells & Co. is going to be available on MGM+. Following Paul Carpenter and Sophie Pettingel, two young professionals who take paid internships at a mysterious London firm J.W. Wells & Co. What they think will be a basic office job quickly turns into weird situations, one after another.

The movie starts with missed appointments and coincidences and then turns to the fantastic. Paul is given a special task to find a missing item for the boss, a portable door. A job that, seemingly, no one else can do despite them all having their own magical abilities. And while it seems like an insurmountable task, Paul finds the door and enjoys its use with Sophie for a while before revealing that he found it. It allows them to travel the world, visit places and work on their growing bound.

But quickly the fun and adventures have to end, and Paul has to find a way to protect the portable door from his boss and an evil plan that he’s hatching. The movie takes you to the edges of the world and to the Bank of the Dead where souls are being used as a bargaining chips. Yes, the movie goes a bit dark, and some of the creatures are a bit ugly but none of the movie is scary for younger viewers. Instead, it takes you on a full adventure with twists and turns and introduces a new magical world.

Without having read the book series, some viewers may be hesitant to put on the movie, but it’s worth giving a chance. The Portable Door is coming exclusively to MGM+ on April 8th at 8 PM, bringing a fun new fantasy world and possibly a series to audiences around the world. Time will only tell if the other six books will make it to the screen, but The Portable Door definitely gives future movies a solid base to start with.

Overall Rating:

Four Star Review

About The Portable Door

The Portable Door Movie Review

The movie centers on Paul Carpenter (Gibson) and Sophie Pettingel (Wilde), lowly, put-upon interns who begin working at the mysterious London firm J.W. Wells & Co., and become increasingly aware that their employers are anything but conventional. Charismatic villains Humphrey Wells (Waltz), the CEO of the company, and middle manager Dennis Tanner (Neill) are disrupting the world of magic by bringing modern corporate strategy to ancient magical practices, and Paul and Sophie discover the true agenda of the vast corporation.


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