The Perfect Lunch Bag for the Gamer in Your Life

mushroom lunch box review

mushroom lunch box review
We all have a gamer or a geek in our lives. Someone who grew up playing video games and loves the nostalgia of the old games like Mario and Yoshi. Thankfully we live in a period of time where it’s OK to be a dork, or a nerd and to show your fandom with pride. That’s why we absolutely love the Mushroom Lunch Bag that BigMouth Inc sent us to review. 

mushroom lunch box reviewBesides being absolutely adorable, the Mushroom Lunch Tote is actually quite large and perfect for whatever meal you’re taking to the office or where ever you’re off to for the day. With a handle secured to the top the lunch bag can swing with easy as you walk while everything is secure inside. The lunch tote has a central zipper which makes getting to your lunch or whatever you have inside the tote. You could easily use the Mushroom tote to carry around as a purse too, however the central zipper may make it hard to get everything at once.

mushroom lunch box reviewWith an insulated interior you could store a sandwich, a full sized lunch container and a bottle or two of water. There’s actually so much room inside the Mushroom Lunch Tote it was hard to fill it up completely. But with the central zipper, we highly suggest only unzipping it when it is on a flat surface. Don’t over-fill your mushroom lunch bag or there is a chance items may fall out.

The Mushroom Lunch Tote is not only adorable, but one that gamers old and new will absolutely love. The large size makes it perfect for adults and people who love a fun bit of gaming nostalgia.

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