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The Packbasket Grocer Review and Giveaway!

After several years of conferences, events and other things I have accumulated a lot of shopping totes. So many that I actually use them to wrap gifts for friends and family and hand them out like they’re candy. I still have so many left over that I have a large plastic tote filled – no… overflowing with shopping totes in the back.

So why would I review a bag from ADK Packworks? Even before the Packbasket Grocer was sent to me I could tell it was different. This wasn’t just any bag that was going to join the others in the dark abyss or would used as quick gift wrap to get it out of the house, like so many other bags have become.

Besides the wonderful red fabric, the Packbasket Grocer had a more rigid frame. I cold unfold it and the base would create a solid flat surface for me to put items. The walls were re-inforced with metal X’s that helped it keep it’s shape. I could easily fill this to the brim and not worry about it falling over.

But that’s not the best part about the Packbasket Grocer – Yes, it’s a shopping tote and has metal re-enforced handles (awesome for those heavy trips!). But it comes with a strap so you can change up how you carry the back. It has the handles, but you can use the strap and make it a shoulder bag, or even wear it as a backpack. Now add on the rain shield and bungee it closed and your items will be safe and sound (and dry) inside!

The Packbasket Grocer doesn’t seem like it’s a huge bag, but let me tell you it can hold a lot! I filled the bag with a huge stack of construction paper, scrap book paper, pint jars, gauze, googly eyes, tape, glue, knifes and a lot more. Everything fit inside and nothing didn’t have a place. I carried the back through school, and back to my car. I even set it standing up in my trunk and drove around with it filled for a week. When I finally pulled it out of the trunk, everything was still inside. The bag was still standing – and nothing was spilled all over the inside of the trunk. I know that none of my other bags would do this! The Packbasket Grocer has become my “go to” tote for when I’m running between classes, projects or even just going out and shopping.

One more fun thing about the Packbasket Grocer – you can actually get a cooler liner that you can add in and remove so it can be your go to cooler bag too!

ADK Packworks designed the Packbasket Grocer after the old shopping baskets from the Adirondack area in New York. I love how functional and simple the design is. It’s a great solution and will get a lot more use than any of the other totes that are in the bin the back room. ADK Packworks wants one of my readers to try out a Packbasket Grocer – read how you can win one below!

How Can You Win?

Enter to win with the form below. The mandatory entry is leaving a comment on this blog post where you would shop with the Packbasket Grocer – or what you would use it for! If you do not do this entry – you will not win! So make sure you leave a comment and then enter using the form linked below!

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67 thoughts on “The Packbasket Grocer Review and Giveaway!

  1. I do a lot of grocery shopping at Sam’s Club so I’m buying in bulk and my reusable bags don’t do well for the large bags of fruit I buy but this bag looks like it could handle the job.

  2. I would take that with me on my monthly trip to Whole Foods to stock up on gluten/corn/oat/barley/wheat and dairy free food for my son.

  3. Wold love to take this to the farmers market. I’m forever loading up hubby and the kids with heave plastic bags with all the produce I buy!

  4. I would use this for my ALDI’s and Save a lot trips – this will make self packing groceries so easy. Also, I will use it for those after hike picnics. Nom Nom…

  5. I love the ADK packbasket! I’d use it at the farmer’s market, next to my desk for important papers, in my car for hats, gloves, mittens, dog leashes etc, to pick apples from our orchard, to go on a picnic, to bring into the grocery store….there’d be so many ways to use it! looks awesome!

  6. I would give it to my daughter. She does not have a car. This would be perfect for her to use for grocery shopping on her bike.

  7. I would take it on my shopping trips to Price Chopper! I’m always on the hunt for a *functional* shopping tote.

  8. I shop at Safeway as it is really the only game in town where I live. Since I do not like using a cart (aka germ-mobiles) I have a process where I only buy what I can carry. OccasionallyI breakdown and use those little baskets, but they keep them on the floor, so we are back to the ick factor. Problem with me and my brilliant way of shopping is that even though I am just buying for myself, I run out of food quickly, so tend to shop every other day. This carry-all would solve so many of my concerns and allow me to load up. (read: bring on the chocolate!) 🙂

  9. I don’t have a car so I’m always looking for good reusable totes. I’d take it to Kroger where I do most of my shopping, but it’ probably go everywhere with me.

  10. I would either shop where I work (Walgreen’s) or I would use it at Meijer’s/Wal-Mart while I am grocery shopping!

  11. This looks great for trips to the local flea market, Aldi’s, thrift stores, yard sales- maybe even for the kiddos when we’re at Costco! I gotta put these on my Christmas list!

  12. I would use this at Kroger or also carrying around my vast assortment of work tools on wedding cake deliveries

  13. I would use the Packbasket Grocer when shopping for groceries at our super Walmart.

  14. i take long trips on the train to do my grocery shopping this would be so easy to carry flat on the way thier and also full of my goodies on the long train ride home. does it come with wheels?

  15. This would be absolutely perfect for my trips to Aldi’s. Like Sam’s Club, they don’t bag anything and this absolutely looks sturdy enough to hold my weekly shopping!

  16. This would be a great snack/toy/movie tote for car trips! Everything would be accessible in one place and wouldn’t shift all over the car.

  17. I would use the Packbasket Grocer at Publix, the grocery store I shop at the most. I really like this idea. I’m sure I’d want to get more after trying it. I might also use it for toting magazines, towels, sunscreen etc. to the beach.

  18. I would use it for shopping at costco. We tend to buy small items there as well as big ones, but I hate the boxes they give you.

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