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The Original Show in Branson Still Reigns – Check out the Baldknobbers #BloggingBranson

Long before Branson was known as the family friendly entertainment destination a group came together to start performing at events in the area. That group took the name of the vigilante group from past generations and eventually became the Baldknobbers. The Mabe family started the group in the late 1950’s, and the show is still going on with the original family at the helm.

Baldknobbers Branson ReviewWhile other shows in the area may have a similar format, most being variety shows, the Baldknobbers set that successful formula that all of the other show follow. A night at the Baldknobbers includes gospel music, current country and pop songs but also characters that the act has had for three generations.

Baldknobbers Branson ReviewIn between the main acts you will get small comedy skits with Droopy Drawers Jr and Hargus, two stereotypical dolts from the Ozarks. But don’t expect them just to be a side act, they will make their appearances during the main performances as well and interact with the musicians as they are singing. The family works well together as an act, and the talent exudes throughout the whole show.

Baldknobbers Branson ReviewThe Mabe family brings to the stage serious talent and you will enjoy the show from the audience involvement, comedy, patriotic salutes and music. There is a reason the show has lasted for almost 60 years and will for years to come. Be sure to stay after to talk to the Mabe family, and you will that with talent comes a down to earth family that truly enjoys what they do.

About the Baldknobbers:

Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers, featuring the Mabe family, is a country music and comedy variety show in Branson, Missouri performing at the new Branson Famous Theatre. The Mabe family began the Branson family entertainment phenomenon 58 years ago in 1959.

With Branson’s Famous Baldknobbers, the family continues to wow audiences as the second and third generations add their own flare to the family legacy. Their perfect blend of country music, gospel music and comedy will keep you at the edge of your seat and roaring with laughter all night long.

To book your tickets and to find out more about the original show in Branson visit the Baldknobber website.

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2 thoughts on “The Original Show in Branson Still Reigns – Check out the Baldknobbers #BloggingBranson

  1. I think seeing the comedy skits with Droopy Drawers and Hargus would be a real treat. How much fun is that!

  2. The history is pretty wild! The show sounds like fun. I love that there is a mixture of genres and some laughs built in. It looks like the Baldknobbers offer something great for young and old! #BloggingBranson

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