The Original Cat Paw – Review & Vlog #mycatpaw

cat paw review

My Cat Paw Review

A couple weeks ago when I was in New York I was given a Cat Paw to review from Wicked Cool Toys. Why get a cat paw when I had 8 that walk all over me at home? Because it’s not only fun, but it’s great entertainment! Plus, this one is soft just like a cat paw and you don’t have to worry about clipping nails, litter boxes or anything else that comes with owning cats. It’s quickly become a favorite toy for Jack Jack, and he likes to cuddle and chew on the hair.
My Cat Paw Review

In New York, Wicked Cool Toys had a fun display of a variety of different Cat Paws for us to play with, some ears and feather boas so we could show our friendly and feisty sides! It was a lot of fun, and we got some really goofy pictures out of it. But the event was so loud we couldn’t even tell that the cat paws made any noises at all – while it actually has two sound settings! All we knew was we had cat paws that articulated and were fun to play with.

My Cat Paw Review

So what is the Cat Paw? It is exactly what the name says – it’s a cat paw, covered in fur (toy fur of course) and with an easy to hold handle. The Cat Paw has a trigger that is easy to move and has two settings. A soft pull of the trigger will get you a cute and friendly “Meow” from a kitten, and a harder pull will get you a loud a feisty roar from a lion!

My Cat Paw Review

It may seem like a silly toy, and at times it can be! Imagine 7 bloggers in a hotel room who are overtired. But it’s great for people who love cats, or might be allergic and can’t have cats. One of my favorite things to do with it is to sneak up and attack my boyfriend with the Cat Paw when he’s not paying attention. I usually make sure it’s the roar he receives as a cat paw reaches around the side of the chair.

My Cat Paw Review

When I got back from New York, I unpacked most everything onto our bed. A few minutes later I heard a roar from the bedroom. My boyfriend found the toy and was playing with it with our cats! Since then Jack Jack has absolutely loved the toy, and he cuddles up with it and even chews a little on the fur like any kitten would. It’s a fun toy for cats, kids and even adults – and would be a great stocking stuffer this year!

The Original Cat Paw will be available at Toys R Us on August 15th, and on Amazon on September 1st! Don’t forget to get your Cat Paw!

Want to hear and see more? Check out my video below!



  1. How cute is that little paw! I want to get one to use as a cat toy for my cat Pepper. I only just learned of these yesterday when I saw a guy on YouTube using the Cat Paws to play bongo drums.


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