The Nutri Ninja with Auto-IQ Replaces More than just your Blender

nutri ninja auto-iq review

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewWhen counter space is limited, you need to make sure you get an appliance that will do exactly what you need and want it to do. There are a lot of options on the market when you’re looking for a blender system, but usually the ones with more options cost a lot more than most people can afford or would want to pay. But the new Nutra Ninja with Auto-iQ and Smooth Boost technology is changing the way you look at appliances, and within a better price point.

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewWe were sent a Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ and Smooth Boost system to try out in our kitchen. The Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ comes with a 1200 Watt Base, 40 Oz Blend & Prep Bowl, 48 oz XL Multiserve Nutri Ninja, 24 oz Double Walled Stianless Steel Cup (keeps items cold for 4 hours!), 24 oz Nutri Ninja Cup, 2 Sip & Seal Lids, Pro Extractor Blades, Total Crushing blades and Dough Blades. Just with what’s included in the box, the Nutri Ninja can replace your mixer, your blender and your food processor. It’s small base takes up a lot less space than having a whole suite of small appliances, and even with the tallest jar on top, it fits easily under standard cupboards. The first thing I noticed about the Nutri Ninja was the base actually has suction cup feet, which means it will stay in one spot while you run it and there is no fear of the Ninja falling off the counter if it’s too fast. The suction cups are strong, and will take a bit of force to get the blender off your counter to move it. The only thing that you have to worry about is finding a place to store the extra jars and blades when you’re not using them.

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewAs a general safety feature the Nutri Ninja has a locking base for all of the accessories. That means even with the blender plugged in, you can’t run the Ninja without the jars being positioned on top. Each jar fits in and snaps into place as you turn it in the base. Once the top jars are locked in, the base will light up and you are able to choose the blending and chopping options.

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewWhile it’s a bit odd to get use to at first, the Nutri Ninja has you load everything from the base. All of the jars have sealed tops, with the exception of the 48 oz Multiserve bowl but that has a different use and set up. Once your jar is filled up with your ingredients, just screw on the blade base and add it into the base to process your food, smoothies and more.

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewThe Nutri Ninja allows you to blend like a traditional blender, crush ice and even create super smooth milk shakes and smoothies with the smooth boost option. The power of the Nutri Ninja allows you to break down food completely, seeds and nuts so you can enjoy them completely and get all of the nutrients while enjoying your food. You can make cold drinks with ice without having any large chunks left over inside. The smooth boost technology can be run with both the extract or the blend options, and the Nutri Ninja knows the difference! Select the different combination for more dessert smoothie or your morning energy boost and have completely different results.

nutri ninja auto-iq reviewBut the Nutri Ninja is more than just a blender, it also pulls double (and triple) duty as a food processor and mixer. The large 48 oz Multi-serve bowl has a unique lid that releases with a one touch button and the handle opens the lid completely. Depending on the blade inside and the settings you choose, you can make bread dough, cookie dough, or chop and slice your vegetables. It’s the perfect prep bowl for recipes and takes all of the hard work out of your hands!

apple pie smooth recipeThe Nutri Ninja with Auto-iQ is a beast in the kitchen, and the 1200 watts or 1.4 horse power make the Nutri Ninja a force to be reckoned with. The engine does make it a bit louder than I expected when it is running, so that is one thing to keep in mind. But when I used it to prep food and to make our Apple Pie Smoothie, everything came out perfectly. We still need to test it out with a few more recipes, but so far everything we’ve used it on has come out as as we expected or even better.

You can find the Nutri Ninja at Bed Bath and Beyond, Target, Walmart, Best Buy and other retailers, or you can get it online on Ninja’s website. It’s a kitchen tool you wont want to stop experimenting in the kitchen with. With the Auto-iQ and Smooth Boost technologies, the possibilities are endless.

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