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The Most Common Things That Beginner Campers Forget

Going camping as a beginner can be both exciting and terrifying. Who knows what sort of things you’ll discover out there in the wilderness? You don’t even need to be camping in a secluded spot to have a wonderful experience. However, going camping often means you need to take a ton of things with you to ensure that you have a comfortable trip. Below, you’ll find a list of the most common things that beginner campers forget. Take a look and you’ll get a good idea of what you need to take with you if you’re going camping for the first time:

Wood For A Fire

You’re going to need wood for a fire when camping, especially since many campgrounds do not allow campers to go and collect wood from their surroundings. If you forget it, you’ll end up in the dark and cold with nothing to keep you cosy, and this can be terrible if you also have a family to keep warm.  

All Purpose Wet Wipes

Wet wipes are a godsend when you’re camping. Kids can get so messy when they are out playing in nature, and they are great for giving your hands a clean when you need to. They can also be used to wipe down your tent and anything else there that gets a little dirty on your trip. 


You’ll probably remember your flashlights, but what about batteries? The lifespan of your batteries may not be up to scratch, and if this is the case, you’ll need to have some batteries spare so that you can keep everything well lit and safe. Having spares is always going to be a good idea. 


Cooking on an open fire is difficult, and not as popular now for that reason. You can buy fuel powered stove tops that are perfect for the job, however. Having an extra fuel canister with you will help you if you end up running out! You don’t want to go hungry, so don’t forget your fuel. 

Duct Tape

Duct tape is truly an item with unlimited uses, so make sure you don’t forget a big roll before you go camping. It can mend tears in your tent, can patch up any tears in your sleeping bag, can secure things down when the weather is a little blustery, and so much more. It always seems to come in handy when you’re in a pinch. 


Water for drinking throughout the day is crucial, but you should also make sure you consider water you’ll use for other things, such as quick washes and brushing your teeth. It’s a smart idea to double or triple the amount of water you think you need, as most campers end up running out of their water supply come day two. 


You probably won’t forget your ice cooler, but what about the ice that actually keeps your food and drink cool and healthy to consume? Ice is a luxury while camping, so don’t forget it. 

A Hatchet 

Having a hatchet during a camping trip will mean you are able to chop wood (when permitted by camping grounds) and that you can secure your tent better. You might not even know what you’re going to use it for initially, but soon, you’ll see why a hatchet comes in handy. You can also take a hammer to be sure you have everything you need. 

A Tow Bar and Other Vehicle Accessories

Getting stuck in the mud when camping is no fun at all. Take a look at a site like to get an idea of whether this is possible and the budget you’re looking at. A tow bar is an essential off road accessory! You may also find things like bike racks useful if you intend on biking while you camp out in the wilderness. 

A First Aid Kit

Your first aid kit is essential for your camping trips, especially with kids. Take band aids, ointment, antiseptic, and anything else you can think of – you never know what might happen. Hopefully you won’t need it at all, but if you do it’ll make such a big difference. 

Trash Bags

Tidying up after yourself and leaving everything the way you found it is one of the golden rules of camping. They can be good for your rubbish, as well as storing your dirty clothes for when you get home ready to wash. In a pinch, they could even become a makeshift shelter for you. 

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